Thursday, 3 October 2013

Celebrate Life

Recently I went to a friend’s wake and I heard one of the eulogies rendered which ministered to me deeply. My friend died of mouth cancer in his early sixties. It was said that when my friend was told about his condition by the doctor, he exclaimed, “Let’s celebrate life!”

Wow, celebrate life in the midst of cancer! How do you even do that? What possessed my friend to exclaim that? What is there to celebrate when death’s assassin had already put out a contract on your life?

My friend saw life in the face of death. He saw hope in the prelude to pain. He saw a future when there appears none. He saw celebration in the house of mourning. He believed his moment was every moment he was able to live his life by simply enjoying it, without conditions.

His life was not complete only when he had everything the world has to offer. It was not a series of achievement hoops to be jumped over. His life was complete just by living it everyday and this completeness made it worth living.

Indeed this is a life that truly celebrates life. Even in death, the celebration invariably goes on. It is a festivity in simplicity. And I desire to be invited to his spirit of celebration. I desire to live life in the midst of pain, disappointment, failure and mistakes. I desire to celebrate everything, even in the worst of times. Teach me my friend.

Here’s a tribute to my friend’s undying spirit to celebrate life:-

Celebrate a tear for a tear is the beginning of hope.

Celebrate a wound for healing comes thereafter.

Celebrate a doubt for a doubt forces one to think with clarity.

Celebrate failure for success follows failure as dusk shadows dawn.

Celebrate a betrayal for in our deepest hurt we find the strength to rise up stronger.

Celebrate pain for in our pain we see the pain of others.

Celebrate regrets for it reminds us that we are only human.

Celebrate a fall for in falling forward we take a step closer towards our goal.

Celebrate disappointments for it keeps us just level with reality.

Celebrate mistakes without which there will be no learning.

Celebrate a wrong turn so that we’ll have more time to enjoy the journey.

Celebrate rain for nothing cools off better in the sun than being wet.

Celebrate an opportunity lost for its flip side is an opportunity gained.

Celebrate imperfections because perfection is living hell on a lunch break.

Celebrate change because every season brings about growth

Celebrate a loss for the loss releases a refreshing stream of empowering memories.


Celebrate life for life is worth the time and celebration.

CK, in memoriam.

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