Tuesday, 11 February 2014

almighty grace or grace overdose

We serve a loving god. A god who loves unconditionally. A god who forgives even more unconditionally. The supreme lover of your soul knows your fault but have no fear. You are pardoned even before you shed that first tear. So, do not fret for it is set. Your destiny with him is secure. In your lover's eyes, you are righteous and pure.

Take heart, you will never lose
 your salvation. For "once saved, always saved" is your timeless invocation. Your name in the book of life will never be erased. For it is a religion of unrestrained love showered on all human race. It is the kind that you do not need to lift a finger. It will smother and it will linger. It loves you from cradle to grave. It is a love that is all the rave.

This divine passion is gracious and kind. It will faithfully guard your front, sides and behind. This love makes good everything. It makes your broken heart sing. It heals 
your damaged self-esteem. It makes good your past transgressions. It makes good your future destination. It makes good everything you can conceive. It is a gift you can freely receive.

This love cannot be disappointed. Whatever your thoughts or actions, it cannot be defeated. You are made whole by it. Not a fraction full. Neither a quarter filled. But you are submerged in it from head to heels. You shall soar on eagle's wings with spirit renewed.

So, you can proclaim that you're born of new
 seed and walk around with them happy feet. Even when you fall, this love will pick you up, pat your back and hold your hand to the end.

This love is prevalent. It is a love that extends to the ends of the earth.
 It is a love that loves you first. So, you can do no wrong when in this love you immerse. This love is also stubborn. It waits with maternal patience. It provides with paternal devotion. It cares with gentle persuasion. Imagine a doting parent for his son. Imagine the same dedication when he goes rogue just for fun. Imagine further how the parent will wait for his return to a lavished celebration tailored just for one.

In this love, you can safely be yourself and act with unfettered discretion. For there is no more condemnation. There is no more confession. There is no more repentance. It is done and it is done. The work is complete and in his spirit, you are one. For this is your loving god, remember? The one you celebrate every December?

The response lies in your sincerest attitude. For in its core is a grace that asks for nothing except your
 deepest gratitude. The hope is that you be filled with a remorse so compelling. To the point that you cannot resist but be changed by this love so undeserving.

The motivation here is to keep you unremittingly grateful. It is this heart of thankfulness that keeps your feet from stain and your soul from shame. This love will inoculate you from sin. And even if you should sin, you are absolved in full without as much as a cringe.

Because you serve a loving god, you get the longest end of the stick. It is so long that 
it stretches to eternity. It is so long that it matches iniquity with immunity. It is a blessed assurance of a fall guy for every fall. With a sleight of the divine hand, your blemish vanishes once and for all.

So, in this journey of faith, you are free to live to your fullest potential. Because like it or not, your past, present and future sins are all rendered inconsequential. Cheerz.

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