Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Dad, what is true love?

Dad, what is a smart man?

Son, a smart man is not a know it all. He is a know it for all. Without fail, he uses what he knows to serve others and seldom himself.

Dad, what is a humble man? 

Son, that's a strange question. When it comes to humility, you do know that the moment you name it, you disclaim it. So, the humble man may as well not exist because he is more often than not anonymous.

Dad, what is true love?

Son, true love is flawed love. When you truly love someone, don't promise her unfailing love. But assure her whatever happens, you will never leave her. That's true love because a love that is true stays true to the end.

Dad, what is courage?
Son, you have heard that courage is not the absence of fear. That's just half of it. Most times, being courageous is enduring exceptional loneliness. You will stand alone when you stand with courage. So,
 the better question is, can you overcome fear and loneliness? When you do, that's courage son.

Dad, where can you find happiness?
Son, I bet that you'll never find it and please don't prove me wrong. Often, the things you think will offer you happiness merely offers you the illusion of happiness. At best, it just reduces your stresses in life but they will return in another form. They always do. Instead, my boy, aim for these three things and
 happiness will find you; a peace of mind, a clear conscience and a contented heart.

Dad, what good is hope?

Son, hope is free. It costs nothing. But it may as well cost everything because to a man without hope, he is as good as a dead man walking. So never give up hope. Never for a moment think that it's the end. Hope is always alive as long as you are alive. If you can get up in the morning, there's hope. Make hope your ally and it will deliver you eventually.

Dad, how do you measure success? 

Son, if you take my advice and use knowledge in service of others, be humble always, stay true in love, act with courage, strive for a peace of mind and a clear conscience, be contented with what you have, and hope for the best in all things, you would have attained the fullest measure of success.

Thanks dad.
Love you son.

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