Saturday, 31 May 2014

Three Denials God grants me

I dreamed that one day,

An angel came to me.

God sent him my way.
To grant 3 denials for free.

I scratched my head,

In squinting bewilderment.

"Don't you mean 3 wishes," I asked.

Hoping that God was mistaken.

The angel shook his head.

"No son 3 denials," he said.

Then he threw me the look,

As if I was a fish on the hook.

So I asked, 
"Why deny me what God should be giving to me?"

The angel smiled, and said,

"There is a time to give.

And there's a time to take.

A time to submit.

A time to remit.

This is the time my son.

For you to give up.

The things you hold dear.

So you can live up."

That was all the angel said.

As I stood there, hesitate.

What do you have in mind, my angel friend.

He then held me by the hand.

And asked me to search my heart.

I went all silent, still before him.

Wondering what denial can I bring.

Then, a thought came just as swift.

It was something my heart has sieved.

"Pride?" I said, "I desire to free.

Please take it away from me."

The angel ticked off the first denial.

And waited for my next desire.

"It is impatience then, my second denial."
“Very well," the angel said.
"Your heart's a good advisor."

In that strange moment, I felt 

Inexplicably, it felt lighter.

I felt my heart had room for more.

As I mine my soul for debris, dross, and all.

Then came my last denial.

I had to make it count.

My heart's on fire.

As I kept still, without a sound.

"Envy!" I shouted. I let it go.

I caught the angel's eyes, closed.

"Envy it is, you've picked them well.
Today's the change others will live to tell."

And with that, the angel left. 

My head spinning but my heart's 
at rest.

I now see why denials are best.

For wishes are just wishes,

But denial puts you to the test.


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