Friday, 13 June 2014

Don't be stupid!

Don't be stupid. Don't think that good men are always good and bad men always bad. What remains consistent is the inconsistency of men (and women). So don't be stupid.
Don't be stupid. Life is not going to be fair whether that is fair or not. There is no free lunch, dinner or supper. The only thing free is free will. Your life is yours to make. There is no short cuts. So 
don't be stupid.
Don't be stupid. Don't mistake your wants for your needs. They are as different as cotton wool and candy floss. Taste it, you'll see. Always draw satisfaction in what matters most in life and not what matters least. Your wants are many and your needs are few. Please learn to draw the line and find the right balance between them for your life. So, don't be stupid.
Don't be stupid. Love is not all you need in a marriage.
 Sometimes, love has to be romantic, playful, forgiving, hopeful, courageous, encouraging and thoughtful. Love alone is not all those things because our love is mostly self-seeking. So don't be stupid.
Don't be stupid. Money helps. Sometimes, it helps a lot. But money can be hell too. It can stumble you. Like fire, learn to use money to light up your path and not allow it burn it all down. In the end, money must remain a loyal pet and not a spoilt
 brat. So don't be stupid.
Don't be stupid. Work is work and rest is rest. There is a time for work and there is a time for rest and never you forget that. If you work when you should be resting, that's an obsession. And if you rest when you should be working, that's laziness. Draw the line for your own sake because the difference between "working to death” and "resting in peace" is just the expression. So don't be stupid.

Don't be stupid. Be authentic. You are you for a reason. So don't live your life being someone else and lose your own unique self. Your life is to be discovered, not hidden or buried. I am not asking you not to have issues with yourself. You should have at times. But in the end, nobody can live your life better than you. And be authentic means to be true to yourself. So don't be stupid.
Don't be stupid. The opposite of life is not death. It is not having lived at all. Death is in fact a 
friend to those who have given their best to life. It is to be embraced. Life and death therefore always work together. They remind us to be alive to our aliveness. You should know by now that a fate worse than death is to live as if you're dead. Dead to dreams. Dead to love. Dead to faith. And dead to hope. I guess you can cheat death by doing many foolish things. But the most foolish of them all is to live as if you are already dead. So don't be stupid. Cheerz.

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