Thursday, 7 January 2016

A love note to my wife on our 16th anniversary.

Dear Anna, the years have not been kind. 16 years together grows you up whether you like it or not. As your husband, I feel I am still struggling with myself. My impatience followed me from the altar and walked with me through the years like a side-piercing swell. It still demands my attention and it wants you to know it with an agitation I'm sure you know it well. Because of that, my infernal companion, we had our fair share of quarrels, our lovers' spat, our heaven and hell.

But unlike those rough beginnings, when we were still adjusting, I dare say our marriage is more mature now. It has grown somewhat - once lost, now found. It is able to remind us of things we cannot live without. And by dropping hints here and there, our love has become more resilient, more sound.

It reminds us of how far we have come. The years of togetherness. The roller-coaster rides. The ups and the downs.  They all just add up. They all count a whole lot. While faithfulness may be a game some play by hopping from one marital bliss to another at a hint of passing pheromone, that's not us.

We treasure our simple devotion. We relish that physical touch. We kiss in sweet remembrance. We make a point to respect our feelings, wishes and wants. Although we do clash sometimes, especially when it comes to religion, we know deep down that our love is more religious than the faith and its tradition.

Our love embraces routine. It believes beyond the seen. It trusts and hopes that every argument would draw us closer and not pull us apart. It moves us deep within with a desire to give in and not to win. It perseveres under trial. It goes the extra mile. It cannot imagine a world without either. It is in fact from another. For indeed the blessings of faithfulness is the faithfulness of its blessings.

Another marital reminder is the synergy of our loins. Together, two imperfect souls intertwined, innocent and fumbling, we made life possible, the sweetest of divine. Daring nakedness and shame, we joined both hearts and bodies and were lost in time. And from this union yields three adorable lives: one is all grown up, the other is still resisting growing up, and the last one, we both wish would never.

Alas, our life will not be the same again. With each passing miracle, three in fact, our horizon widens, our love pours in, and our joy is complete. All passion was not in vain.

My dear, we have come to many full circles in our marriage before. In our squabbles and our cold wars, we always return to the safe harbor where it matters the most after all. That safe harbor is our enduring affection for each other and empowered by three lives we have produced in the deepest intimacy ever. That is what makes every year counts in our marriage. And as we grow in love and faithfulness, we also grow in strength, hope and resilience.

So happy 16th anniversary Anna. My companion for life. My dear wife. Love hubby, yours always, and you mine. Cheerz.

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