Sunday, 29 January 2017

Slay the dragon slayer.

Democracy says slay the dragon.

I say slay the dragon slayer.

Slay the one who propagates hate.

Slay the one who promotes division.

Slay the one who pretends that the problem is other people.

Slay the one who presents himself perfect.

Slay the one who perpetuates civic ignorance. 

Slay the one who prevents the dissemination of truth.

Slay the one who perverts goodwill, character and peace amongst diverse communities.

Slay the one who pants after fame, fortune and real estate.

Slay the one who prefers vainglory for vainglory's sake.

Slay the one who prizes fabrications, open lies, and shameless half-truths.
Slay the one who praises himself above all with zero self-reflection. 

Slay the one who preaches the gospel of personal success over the success of the personal gospel.
Slay the one who preys on the opposite sex, belittles them, disrespects them and treats them as instrumental to his narcissistic ends.

Slay the one who prays before the crowd with pharisaical zeal just to get their attention and votes. 

Slay the one who prattles on endlessly on the most frivolous over the most superficial.
Slay the one who passes the buck, finger-pointing at others but himself.

Slay the one who patronizes his own kind and performs just to impress.

Slay the one who pilfers the people by denying them their tax dues.

Slay the one who pinches pennies from the poor to give them to the rich.
Slay the one who poisons the well of racial harmony and unity with unfounded threats, prejudices and fears.

Slay the one who professes one thing, back-peddles on others, and does the direct opposite.

Slay the one who prostitutes virtues, provokes rebellions, and prospers only himself.

Slay the one who perches himself at the top of the pyramid of self, demanding to be admired, praised and adored.

So I say again...slay the dragon slayer and not the dragon.

For at most times, they are imagined dragons.

But the dragon slayer is not. 

He is real.

He lives amongst us.

He hails from high places.

He is set apart from the common folks.

He preaches from his ivory tower.

He promises to be the savior of all.
He is not imagined. 

He is not a figment.

He is an opportunist.

He exploits for self-gain.

He makes up the dragons.

In order to... 

Keep up the mass delusion.

Remain in power.

Retain blind allegiance.

Reinvent a metanarrative of false hope.

Receive all credit unto himself.

For at the tip of his sword,

Is not the blood of the imagined.

But it's the blood of the people,

For whom the dragon slayer had spun a legend.

Alas, the world doesn't need more dragon slayers.

Surely not those that slay imagined dragons.
The world however needs more than ever to have the dragon slayer slayed. 

For the dragon slayers are the real dragons to be laid.

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