Sunday, 23 April 2017

Let Pastor Raymond Koh go.

Pastor Raymond Koh was never a threat to Islam. Neither was he a hardline Christian nor a fiery Christian agitator.

His role as a believer is simple. He helps single mothers, drug addicts and those with HIV for the last ten years. He lived out his belief and faith not only through words, but also through deeds, dedication and devotion.

But yet, he is still missing since Feb 13 this year. It was professionally done. The abduction was carried out in broad daylight, involving three black SUVs, two cars and at least 15 men, including a cameraman to ensure that the abduction was documented.

And all this had an ominous start in the morning of August 2011 when a package was delivered to Pastor Koh in his letterbox of his home in KL.

It reports: "In the package were two bullets. There was also a note, written in blood-red ink in Malay, that reads: "Laknat Kristian 1. Joe Fernandez. 2. Lu." The note translated said: "Damn Christian. No.1 Joe Fernandez. No. 2 You."

This threat was to remind Pastor Koh that they had a precedent. Joe Fernandez was a Kedah assemblyman with BN, and he was shot dead by two assailant in 2000 in his home town in Kedah.

It is said that Joe Fernandez was killed because he "was allegedly trying to convert members of a Muslim family to Christianity." This was the same message to Pastor Koh 6 years ago before he was abducted early this year.

Lesson? None. Just return him. Release Pastor Koh. He's really no threat to any religion. In fact, this is not about religion. It is not territorial. It is not about deepening the divide or disrupting the established status quo of things.

Lawyer Philip Koh said this about Pastor Koh: "He always struck me as a sincere humanitarian for those who are voiceless and vulnerable."

Pastor Koh's action in fact goes beyond religious beliefs. His deeds are about healing hearts, bridging the gap, lending a helping hand, being a good neighbor, and just being there without the fanfare.

He is what this world needs. He doesn't boast about his deeds. He does what he can, with what he has, for as long as it takes to make a difference. And it is not even a religious difference. Not a competitive difference. Not a disruptive difference.

On the contrary, it is a small difference to feed the hungry, to help the poor and to comfort the lost.

After his work is done, after the sun sets, Pastor Koh returns home to his family. He doesn't return home to rousing applause or grand celebration. He returns home to spend what remains of the day with his wife and children. It is a simple life of unassuming giving, nothing more and nothing less.

Pastor Koh is a husband to his wife, a father to his children, and a friend to the community. He is no different from anyone who loves, or even hates him.

He is definitely not perfect. He feels, tears and experiences simple joy when he is with family, loved ones, friends, even with strangers for whom he is able to help in times of need.

So, let him go. Let the family have closure. Turn their hope into joy. You have the power to make a difference, to give hope, to stand for what is right. You have the power to make this world a better place.

Let Pastor Raymond Koh go. Cheerz.

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