Sunday, 22 July 2018

When fathers pray...

When fathers pray...

Dear Lord, give us strength. Fatherhood is challenging. At times, it's tough. we are supposed to be their hero, but at times, we struggle with the villain within.

It is easy to say that we are supposed to keep our cool. Our temper must be measured. Our patience must be enduring. 

But fathers are humans too. We may wear the pants in the house. But still, we wear it one leg at a time. We do not turn into saints the moment our children are born. 

At times, we stumble. We trip over our words. We get angry for no good reason. We lose our head. 

At such times, our children bear the brunt of it. They are hurt by our words. They are disappointed by our behaviour.

So Lord, give us strength to live up as the head of the household. Give us strength to set the example to lead our precious children. 

Sure, in this journey, we will fall or disappoint. But give us the strength to fall forward, pick ourselves up and run the race with renewed hope. Give us the strength to own up to our faults and say sorry for them. 

Remind us that our children do not want a father who resists to be broken at all costs, but one who is always vulnerable, open and willing to change. 

Oh Lord, sooner or later, our children will realise that we are not perfect. But as fathers, we are not called to be perfect. 

What defines us as fathers is our faithfulness, not perfection. What makes us good fathers is that we will always be there for them come rain or shine. It is our faithfulness in the little things that adds up at the end of the day.

For this reason Lord, remind us to never be discouraged when we are not able to give them what they ask for. There is more to fatherhood than gifts and presents. 

Ultimately, what our kids are looking for is beyond what money can buy. 

For the best gift a father can offer to his children comes from the heart and not from a wallet or a cheque book. And a good father's heart makes all the difference in our children's lives.

When we finally walk our daughter down the aisle, or witness our son leave home to start his own family, what sets tears flowing is not things material, but the relationship we have forged with them over the years. It is our commitment to protect and to provide that defines our love for them. 

For Lord, what makes fatherhood such a sacred responsibility is that we get to show our children the power of making and keeping a promise in a union we fathers take with the love of our life. 

Our marriage is the greatest gift we can offer to our children. It is a priceless gift because the commitment of a lifetime is beyond what this world can ever hope to give. This union is special because it is a gift from you Lord.

No doubt we are no saints to our children, but by keeping our marriage vows, protecting it against all temptations, we as fathers make love perfect in two imperfect beings on earth. This is the closest we will ever get to being heroes to our children.

So Lord, as we end this prayer, give us the strength and courage to take this transforming journey of fatherhood. For it is one of the most rewarding journeys we will ever take to experience not just our children's growth, but our very own. Amen.

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