Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Joy of my Desire

Below are two poems dedicated to my daughter, Joy, who recently celebrated her birthday on 4 Nov 2012. She is two. The first poem is entitled "Milk me high" and the second one is "Ode to Joy".

Milk me high

That's my daughter
She is two. 
She's a rocker. 
That much is true.

Her smile is sly.
She milks me high.
With a fatherly sigh.
This old cow is udder-ly dry. 

Her beauty is subtle. 
She keeps me busy. 
She knows how to butter. 
My soft side till dizzy.

Never underestimate.
This two year old. 
For she can be intimate. 
And make you a compliant dough.

But milk me for all I care.
Joy's my pleasure fair.
One day with her I share
Beats a hundred days anywhere.  
So, joy of my desire.
My daughter, my soul's fire.
Every day you take me higher
My love, my joy, my one desire. 

From daddy and his love.

(Ps: You are the closest to perfection this imperfect soul can ever hope to attain in this life). 

Ode to joy

From a father to his daughter, love is a tricky business. It is willing to selflessly empty himself of everything but selfishly wants everything to himself. It seeks the best for her and yet not even the best will at times do. 

It is a love that fails not but failure in any form in her life is what this love can ill afford.  It is protective, but possessive and even obsessive. It knows that growth comes by letting go but letting go is at times never readily so. 

If this love would have his ways, it will keep her near for all his days. The paradox of this love defies gravity, it redefines charity. 

So, what is this love that a father has for his daughter? What is so exceptional about it? What kind is it? 

It is a kind that a hungry man will starve for, a poor man will give all in exchange, and a dying man will spend his last days on. It is a kind that mocks at logic and scorns at reason. 

This love is unbreakable, it's unreason. This love is the enduring intimacy between a father and his daughter. It is his reason for living and living for a reason. From daddy to my love, always and forever. Ode to Joy. Cheers. 

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