Thursday, 20 December 2012


Doomsday cult? Predicting the end of days on 21 Dec 2012? (which happens to be this Friday actually). So much for the perky acronym "TGIF"! I guess the church is a lighthouse in the sea of absurdity.

Honestly, if this Friday is my last day on planet earth because some ancient Mayan calendar has run out of paper, then this is my BUCKET list of things to do:-

1) Forgive thy enemies. Currently, I can think of only one. It's that purple dinosaur called Barney. "I forgive you, dude...from the heart."

2) Repent of all transgression. Short of a confessional, this will take a few hours.

3) Honor my parents. Maybe bring them out for a ride on the singapore flyer as we come full circle together.

4) Romancing the wife. Ahh...this is a bit private. It's for me to know and for you best not to know.

5) Enjoy with the family. Gather the children and wife together to talk heart to heart. It will be a time full of hugs and kisses.

6) Give to charity. Just reserve enough for the few days and give the rest to, say, children cancer society. Ain't no earth maggot chomping off my meager material possession.

7) Friendship renewal. Gather a handful of close friends and their spouses on the eve of eve and have a hearty meal.

8) Do a dare. Maybe a bungee or a sky dive or sit through a “Lord of the Ring” movie marathon just for kicks (because god knows I am not exactly a LOTR fan, but after holidaying in Port Dickson last week, I am more of a “Lord of the Ring-git” fan now).

9) Find my muse. I would follow my passion and write something meaningful. Maybe you have always wanted to sing, cut an album, dance, or rap. Just do it. Express it. Complete it. Fulfill it.

10) Finally, this last category is special. It's individual-specific. I call it “Leaving a Legacy”. You fill in your own blank for this. For me, I might put a message in a bottle for what it's worth and throw it into the ocean. The message will read:

"Never do anything out of revenge. Instead do it out of love. It will not guarantee you a long life but at least it will be a meaningful one."

So, come what may, 21 December 2012, I am ready for you (actually I have a few Christmas dinners planned on days after the end of days. So let’s hope that the Mayans are dead wrong).

But wait a minute, stop the mope float. Isn't my BUCKET list applicable to my life now whether the end falls on Friday or not? Why do I need to wait for the imaginary end of the world to fulfill them? Mmm....

I guess this leads to one reflection here as I end: "Why can't we live our life with a sense of urgency without the urgency?"

Cheers and see you on the other side of the apocalyse this Christmas! 

Oops, almost forgot…and have a “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

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