Tuesday, 25 December 2012

When Christmas first happened...

When Christmas first happened, it was nothing special.
No fanfare, no fireworks. No celebration of any grand measure. 

When Christmas first happened, it was nothing major.
It was probably in the evening when He came in a makeshift manger. 

There was really no big hype about it. 
Just Mary, Joseph and their newborn.
In a nondescript place, they rested their feet.
There, they thanked God with a new song. 

Fast forward the days, the years and all.
Christmas is no longer the same as before. 
Most can't do without the party and turkey. 
As it got more showy, it also got more murky.

It's easy to forget the meaning of Christmas. 
The fun, the booze, the thrills all conspire. 
To keep us from knowing He loved us first. 
That He should rightly be the joy of our desire.

So let's make this Christmas somewhat different.
Make it real, simple and no doubt merry.
Don't stop the fun, toys and celebration.
But spare a thought this season for what He did at Calvary.

So when Christmas first happened, it can happen again. 
We just have to remember that He did not die in vain.
Just as His love is always the same.
For us and only us is the reason He came. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Cheers.

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  1. Yeshua ( Jesus )  did NOT institute this pagan festival  simply because this is not one of His Ways. The very popularity of christmas should cause the Christian to question it. Anyone and everyone can celebrate Christmas without question, but if, in reality, December 25th were a date set by Yahweh God to remember the birth of Yeshua, there is no doubt that the world would have NOTHING  to do with it.  The world loves christmas, but hates the Lord Yahshua  (John 15:18, 23-25). It shuns anything pertaining to a true form of Christianity  . Shouldn't the Christian be just a little suspicious of a celebration in which the whole sinful world can join in without qualms?

    Money, & ignorance, not Yeshua is the reason for this season. Christians may argue that they celebrate christmas the 'right way' or not as the world does by attending church services, singing carols, meeting up with families, or using this festival to reach out to unbelievers..However,  the issue here is not about how we observe it, but rather, is there  a Biblical warrant for  it?  Is the "spirit" that inspires us to celebrate this feast the  Spirit of Yahweh God? 

    "Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God "-1 John 4:4.  Did Yeshua ( Jesus) initiate this festival where businesses &  merchants are the main beneficiaries?  .

    Unholy Communion
    Churches in Singapore today increasingly yoke themselves with merchants and secular associations ostensibly to share with others the 'true spirit' of christmas. The necessity for this alliance is quite puzzling. Throughout the year, churches reach out to the lost by conveying the message of  reconciliation through the Word of  Yahweh God ( ‎‫יהוה‬) without collaborating with the world, and rightly so, because there is no need to.  Heb 4:12 However, once a  year during December, churches  collaborate with merchants   to proclaim  the good news  through a  festival of lights. All this is done  to share the 'true spirit' of christmas. No doubt this is done with sincere intentions, however,  this so called 'spirit' of christmas  causes many to behave in a manner that is totally out of harmony with the Word of  Yahweh God ( ‎‫יהוה‬).  Many are  engaged in a mindless culture of spending, feasting and drinking. Merchants manufacture decor, figurines & symbols  which have no meaning for them, but for which both Christians and non Christians alike purchase and dump away after the festival.   Is the  God of the Bible behind this 'spirit' ?

    No doubt, not all associations with the unbelieving world is wrong, but what we are dealing with here is a peculiar kind of partnership that has a compromising nature because the thinking and motivation of the secular and the Christian world are incompatible. Their goals and methods are not the same either. For the Christian to be joined with secular organizations as equals pulling together in a common purpose is really a practical impossibility .

    There is a growing cry today to 'put christ back into christmas'. It's commendable that some want to do that, but the truth is ,He was never there in the first place. Believers should start keeping the Feasts of the Lord instead of pagan christmas

    See more on the Shocking truth about christmas : http://christmasrevealed.blogspot.sg/