Friday, 22 February 2013

How we came about...

A friend posted this quote recently:

"... even if we knew the ultimate underlying theory, how are you going to explain the fact that we're sitting here? Solving string theory won't tell us how humanity was born." (Dr Lisa Randall, one of the world's most prominent theoretical physicists, author of Knocking on Heaven's Door)

I think there's a way to know how humanity was born. Not a perfect way though but I guess it is close enough. I know the majority will expect answers from the religious books. The Bible, the Sutra or the Koran readily come to mind. I have no doubt that among those books, there are some truth in them.

But for me, personally, the most intimate way of knowing how we came about happened a few years back. It started with a soft celebration and ended with love affirmed. Then, together, we thought about how he or she would look like.

Everything happened in our mind. It was not a world changing imagination, but it was surely a life changing one for us. We know deep inside things will be different. We know that it is only out of love that our union will bear this joyous fruit. And we also know our lives will never be the same again once our love is consummated.

This consummation happened in the most beautiful way imaginable. Purity shed its innocence and our passion blossomed. The two became one and the union was made whole. The sacred act became a sacred moment and it soon spread out to become a sacred act of creation.

From nothing came something, and from something came everything we had ever wished for. The wait was more ecstatic than the arrival. That day finally came; that day our imagination, our union and our love bore us a life. It was hope birthed, dream alive and love complete.

I know the doctors will tell us that this all has a natural cause. The atheists will condescend and say, "it's part of life and death. Nothing to go ape about." But to us, to every parents, this life defining event is nothing short of a miracle.

When it happens to you, when you know you have played an important part to create a new life, your heart readily abandons the gravity of reason and eagerly gives it the liberty to soar. For a moment, for a long time enduring, my spirit touched the Creator's spirit in the same intimate way that the deep calls out to the deep.

In that sliver of time eternal, as my spirit caught a glimpse of His glory, I knew in my heart that there is more to us than what the world of science tells me. I know that in the same way I'd  witnessed the miracle of birth with my own eyes and heart, my creator saw me in the same loving way. It was out of love that I came about. Divinity shed its freedom and He created us. From nothing came something, and from something came everything to Him.

So, if I am asked, "how we came about?" My answer is, "not by chance." Neither by mystery nor myth. We came about by love. And as I was there to witness the beginning of a new life, my creator was there too. He was there to see us through. He was there to enable life to enable life. And we saw everything; and everything to us was good. Cheers

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