Saturday, 16 March 2013

Draw the line between work and rest

“Life is short. Some people have been so long-term focused that they forget that.” (Dr Yap)

Here’s my view:

“Good point. This account for the build-a-fortune syndrome. We work so hard for our future and our children's future, but then we squander our present away. This sounds trite and corny but plain old truth doesn't need any accessorizing.

The thing about the rat-race is that in the end you are still a rat. The fortune you build up may be at the expense of the relationship you tear down, even unintentionally.

Doesn't the rat race also clone rat-like behavior out of us? We become skittish, edgy, and most of the time, lost. The late Stephen Covey bemoaned, "The perpetual circle of self-improvement makes anxiety spiral. It is not enough to be married; we must be marriageable and employable."

So, is this the mark of success, "the one with the biggest toys wins?" I think the most democratic place you will ever find on earth is the graveyard. When everybody is lying restlessly horizontal, they are just about level with all.

Maybe a balance is called for. This may sound zen-ish but it is directly relevant. The mantra is to live in the present moment. Don't mortgage it for an uncertain future. I read somewhere which says, "Live in the present. Don't re-live the past and re-feel the pain. Neither pre-live the future and pre-feel the anxiety. The present is indeed a gift."

I think the solution, to me, is to cultivate a sense of completeness; a sense of fulfillment. I think the problem is that we do not have time for a self pat-on-the-back. No time for self-congratulation. There's no feeling of work done and the much deserved soul searching REST between completed work and continued work. Sadly, many are being washed around aimlessly in the gyre of incompleteness (or unfulfillment).

There is a saying that the supreme accomplishment is to blur the line betwwen work and play.

Well, here's my twist of it: The supreme accomplishment is to draw the line between work and rest. And when we are resting, let's play real hard. Savor and milk every moment with loved ones. Only then, and only then, can we truly, deeply and madly enjoy this short life given to us by our Creator. Cheerz

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