Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A godless fool.

The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." (Psalms 14:1) Mm... I wonder what fool is he? An atheist fool? An agnostic fool? A freethinking fool? An opportunist fool? A secular fool? A humanist fool? A pantheistic fool? A deist fool? A liberal fool? A myopic fool? A hedonist fool? An anti-creationist fool? An arrogant, self-worshipping fool? Or is he just a doubting fool? A skeptical fool? A questioning one?

When the fool
 says there is no God, what is the premise on which he bases his disbelief? Is he pitting modern science against an unproven, un-falsifiable Creator? Is one of the strings in his polemic bow the dastardly unanswered prayers? Or is it the misattribution of answered prayers to God rather than to chance and natural causes?

Or is his atheistic premise based on a hidden and silent God in the midst of widespread gratuitous sufferings? How about the sex-depraved priesthood who administers sacrament with one hand and fondles young altar boys with the other? Did that tilt the balance in favor of disbelief with fallen pastors, prosperity preachers and former clergymen adding to the icing on the godless cake? Maybe this fool had in mind the chaotic clamoring of thousands of gods, each supported by millions of followers, together insisting that only their god and no other god is the one true god?

I guess this godless fool has his plate full. His heart demands proof where proof is scarce. His mind only perceives what is there and what is not is not there. No doubt he accepts that reality may escape the naked eye. Perception is to him no less deceiving of course. He also endorses the impishness of quantum mechanics, the non-locality of quantum particles, and the impenetrable mystery of the universe or universes. But this fool cannot comprehend in his heart and mind the God of the
 three great, overlapping and monotheistic religions.

He helplessly grapples with the personhood of this supernatural being. He struggles with why God's love is so compelling yet not compelling enough to save babies from preventable deaths, rescue innocent lives from evil men, and stop humanity from hypocrisy and self destruction. And why is God all-knowing and all-powerful and yet he remains nonchalant when religious men uses his name to  pursue evil and self-enrichment. These questions seek answers
 that cannot be answered without bursting at the theological seams with more runaway questions. This task to the fool is as futile as emptying a bag of feathers in a twister and then trying to retrieve them.

So the fool who says there's no God is a fool that either questions too much or believes too little, if at all. He is like a man fighting himself into restless skepticism. He is like a worm looking into the mirror and is unable to tell his head from his tail and his tail from his head. Alas, this fool will remain a fool
 and that is to be his biblical fate. As long as he insists that there is no God, he is and will always be a fool no less. And a godless fool at that.

Of course this fool can readily shed his foolishness if he recants and proclaims that there is now a God.  In so doing, he is no longer a biblical fool, that is, he is no longer a godless fool. He would have changed his status from a fool always to a fool no more. But whether he still feels or acts like a fool is another thing altogether. Cheerz.

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