Thursday, 14 August 2014

Love in action

If theism means the belief in God.

And atheism means the disbelief in God.

What do you call God believing in us?
It's call love or love-ism or better still love-in-action. 

This is the love that exists before we existed.

It is this love that brings everything into being.

This love imagines, creates, inspires, treasures, empowers and protects.

Atheists and theists alike behold it
 because it is by the same material that they are made.

God is love.

A mother's love is reflective of this love.

A father's sacrifice is indicative of this love.

And lovers' bond cannot live without this love.

Intimacy endures because of it.

Relationships flourish by sheer force of it.

Charity blooms under its light.

Generosity grows because of its guide.

This love is what brings out the 
best in us.

There is no cure for hate except love.

There is no healing for pain except love.

There is no hope for man except love.

There is no lasting forgiveness without love.

Everyone returns to it eventually.

Whether we are prodigals, betrayers, schemers, rogues, freeloaders or evildoers, love waits for us all.

In love, there is no differentiation.

Love is classless.

In love, none is exempted.

In love, none is neglected.

Love transforms all in her own time.

In whatever form, love takes us in.
In tears, in regrets, in pain, in rejection, in torment, in sorrow, love opens her door.

Love is the soup-kitchen for broken humanity.

Love remains true to its form and pure in substance.
It is incorruptible.  

Death does not extinguish love.

Love consumes death and raises a life that cannot die. 

The destiny of love is eternal.

The legacy of love is relational.

The victory of love is foundational.

Love animates life.

It nourishes hope.

It deepens passion.

It guides with grace.

It embraces the human race. 

God is love.

And love is the source of life.

If theism means God in us.

And atheism means the godless in us. 

Then love in action means a love that carries us through.
Even if He has to carry us through the storm. 
This love falters not.
Because it never gives up.
It never fails. 

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