Friday, 12 September 2014

Irony of Ironies

Irony of ironies. This is my modest collection of the 50 dastardly ironies of life (in question form). The trick is not to think too deeply about them. Or vex yourself with the statistics. Just take a gander and see whether you can divine some truth in the lot. Enjoy.
1) Why is the most religious the most irreligious?

2) Why are the rich the hungriest and the poor just hungry?

3) Why is it that the more 
educated you are the less education you show?

4) Why are we a monogamist at the altar and a polygamist in the bedroom?

5) Why is the most reckless the most lucky? 

6) Why is there no such thing as a conscious hypocrite?

7) Why are the more interesting people the most controversial and dishonest?

8) Why is the most helpful the least troubled by troubles?

9) Why is it that the more depressed you are the more realistic you become?

10) Why is the most contented among us the least deluded?

11) Why is the most deluded the most emulated?

12) Why are the double minded so single minded?

13) Why is death so inviting and terrifying to us at the same time?

14) Why does a drop of worry contaminate a whole river of confidence?

15) Why is our brief existence so full of strife and why is all that strife so bereft of meaning?

16) Why is an old man so tormented by a younger version 
of himself?

17) Why is a betrayal of the heart more heartbreaking than a surgery of the heart?

18) Why is the larger the crowd the smaller the brain?

19) Why is the toughest prison to break out from found inside us and not outside?

20) Why is the religious without evidence so cocksure and the irreligious with evidence so unsure?

21) Why do we prefer the prison of lies to the freedom of


22) Why is the most hurtful the most insecure and the most insecure the most unforgiving?

23) Why is it that the more a man professes to love God, the more he hates what God loves?

24) Why is for goodness' sake always used to pursue anything other than for goodness' sake? 

25) Why is Good a tougher taskmaster than Evil but not always a better paymaster?

26) Why must we do the unpardonable just to love unconditionally?

27) Why is the misfortune of others a quiet fortune for us?

28) Why do we love others conditionally and ourselves unconditionally?

29) Why do vices always pay homage to virtues and virtues always held captive by vices?

30) Why are the most unforgiving the busiest advocate for giving?

31) Why do we judge others for the same fault we praise in ourselves?

32) Why does love hurt and those who hurt still love?

33) Why is the most pious the most immodest?

34) Why do we act like angels but think like demons?

35) Why are some successes our greatest failure and some failures our greatest success OR why do some fail so successfully and others succeed so miserably?

36) Why is ignorance still a bliss to those who pretend not to know?

37) Why is being alone heaven for some and hell for others? 

38) Why is the forbidden fruit of adultery far more enticing than the fruit garden of marriage?

39) Why does the proud always look to be humble?

40) Why is forgiving the hardest when the cut is the shallowest? 

41) Why does justice perform selective blindness?

42) Why is the same talent overrated in the popular and underrated in the unknown?

43) Why is the poor so forgiving of the rich and the rich so unforgiving of the poor?

44) Why does God seem the least available when you need him most?

45) Why is truth so hard to
 swallow and lies so easily digested?

46) Why do we worry most when we are most certain of its outcome?

47) Why are the dishonest just dishonest but the honest can be dishonest about it?

48) Why is the opposite of knowledge not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge? 

49) Why is the opposite of control not chaos but the illusion of control?

And last but not least,

50) Why is an irony a better 
teacher than an honest advice?

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