Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Kong Hee and his bowl of cold congee

Yesterday was the closing of the prosecution's cross examination of pastor Kong Hee.

This morning straits times quoted what the smooth preacher had said at the trial, "I did a lot of soul searching...So, I wanted to come clean with the CAD. And I probably felt that, why don't I just come clean with the members as well...Not because I felt that we have done anything illegal or wrong in the past, but this is consistent with my mindset and my attitude at that point in time."

Lesson? Well, I guess it is in the form of a quote and a self-styled poem. The quote is this, "The only lies for which we are truly punished are those we tell ourselves" and the poem entitled "Kong Hee and his bowl of cold congee" goes something like this:-

Kong Hee oh Kong Hee.
You're as plain as a bowl of congee.
Until you add spices and chilly.
And open your mouth like Shrek's donkey.

Nothing is really your fault.
You said you run a clean house.
This is what you've taught.
To be as rich as a church mouse.

As a leader of a megachurch.
You're like the company's CEO.
With black jacket and white shirt.
You're blameless while others fold.

You say you did nothing wrong.
You swear by your good intention.
But the trial plays to a different song.
With a chorus of your own contradiction.

The crossover had spilled over.
To reveal one glaring fact.
That China wine has one beholder.
It's just you banking on your wifey's act.

I guess the irony boils down to this.
Even God you claimed had said sorry.
But still there's one thing amiss.
It's you owning up to your own folly.


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