Wednesday, 15 April 2015

50 beautiful moments that money can't buy

50 beautiful moments that money cannot buy.
1) The time your dad says "I love you" unprompted and when you ask him, "for what?" he replies, "I just do son."

2) The time your husband comes home from work, tired and drained, but he walks over to you and says, "miss you dear".

3) The time you feel happy for no reason.

4) The time you sense unwavering peace in the midst of a storm.

5) The time your daughter turns back and smiles at you after you say goodbye to her at the school gate.

6) The time you count your blessings and thank God for them.

7) The time you spend playing with your kids.

8) The time a tune enters your head and gently perks you up without you knowing it.

9) The time you had a good night's rest and wake up feeling refreshed.

10) The time your teenage daughter whispers into your ear, "mommy you're the best."

11) The moment you let go of your daughter's hand and her husband takes hold of hers at the altar.

12) The time your boss pats your shoulder and says, "I understand."
13) The time a stranger comes to you and offers to help.

14) The time you just missed what could have probably turn out to be a serious accident and you can't explain how you could have avoided that.

15) The time your son comes to you and says, "Dad, I am sorry."

16) The time you look into the face of your sleeping child after cleaning up her mess.

17) The time you finally completed an errand you had been putting off for the longest time.

18) The time hope feels most resilient and you look at challenges in a whole new light.

19) The time after you'd cried with a loved one and she was grateful to you for just being there for her.

20) The time she says yes to your proposal.

21) The time your parents tell you that they love you for who you are and that's proof enough of their unconditional love.

22) The time you are told by your loved ones that you've made a difference in their lives.

23) The time you step down from a plane and see your wife and children running towards you.

24) The time you witness a cloudless dawn made divine by an endless soft breeze.

25) The time you are able to let go of the memory of your wife and allow her to reside in your heart.

26) The time when you feel a surge of triumph for overcoming a temptation.

27) The time you enjoy a meal with your family.

28) The time your pastor tells you he too had fallen the same way you did in the past and you then come to appreciate the frailty of all men.

29) The time someone is inspired by you for standing up to what is right.

30) The time you go out of your way to help someone and he/she never forgets it.

31) The time your loved ones call when you are feeling down to tell you they miss you very much.

32) The time you walk away from an indecent proposal with no strings attached because your wife is all you can think about and your conscience is all you want to protect.

33) The time you recall fond memories of your children growing up.

34) The time you realize that you are not perfect and give up trying to be.

35) The time you look in the mirror and it dawns on you that beauty in character is more transforming than beauty in appearance.

36) The time you feel a lasting sense of adventure in confronting the monotony of a routine.

37) The time you feel the deep assurance of purpose.

38) The time you feel the joy of being alone and having nothing to prove.

39) The time you share a kiss with your wife and your eyes locked for what seems like forever.

40) The time you remember what it was like to be struggling to make ends meet and yet were still happy.

41) The time you tell yourself that you are bigger than this.

42) The time you did something silly and are still able to laugh at yourself.

43) The first time you look into the face of your baby at the maternity ward.

44) The time you were told by a stranger at your father's wake that he has changed his life for the better.

45) The time you read the beatitude and realize that Jesus was right all along.

46) The time love accompanies you, hope encourages you and peace strengthens your heart.

47) The time failure makes you realize what is truly important in your life.

48) The time you forgive yourself and move forward.

49) The time you learn from your mistake by consciously refusing to repeat it.

50) The time you spend a day doing nothing but just getting to know yourself.


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