Monday, 20 April 2015

Happy Fortieth dear.

If a man would be so lucky, he would be loved by a woman unconditionally.
Her love would give him strength to fight every demon within and to live more fully.

If a man would be so lucky, he would treasure the time he shares with her.
He would not take her for granted and offer her the scrap-remains of his day.

If a man would be so lucky, he would thank God for the joy of this matrimony. 

He would affirm life and embrace it dearly for every minute he  spend with her so freely.

If a man would be so lucky, he would treasure her beauty that shines ever so brightly.
And come what may in time, age and illness, this love grows more defiant in hope, joy and meekness.

A lucky man is not a man whose life is filled with the love of this world.
But he is one whose world is filled with the love of his life.

His wealth is not in the possession of fortune to come. 

But it is in the fortune that he has already possessed or there shall be none.

His enduring treasure is in beholding the joy before him. 

And in her eyes, all his desires are indeed complete.

Such is a man who finds a love that satisfies all.

And this love is all that He will ever live for.

He is a man who learns to love and loves to learn even more.

His curiosity is never quenched because his pursuit is a wonder that is never spent.

His gratitude is found in the simplest of expression. 

Her mere presence is enough to fill up the emptiness of existence.

His contentment is like a garden where seeds are sown and flowers bloom.

And every season is meaningful because there is just so much to do.

Not a day is missed to count his blessings.

And it all adds up positive in the days of great testing. 

So lucky is the man whom God bestows.

The gift of companion in a life He unfolds.

But what has luck - some may say - to do with this gift?

Isn't it about loving as a verb and actions unceasing?

Surely there is nothing random in the devotion of love?

Unless it is a wheel of fortune that spins on its own.

But luck is God's ways of remaining anonymous. 

Like coincidences, His nudges are fully autonomous.

For what is required in love is the subtlest of hand.

To woo the heart without making any demand.

So I count this day and many days ahead.

And thank His "lucky" gift as I gladly celebrate.

Blessed fortieth Anna, for when all is said.

You are my greatest fortune, 
my destiny, 
my loving soul mate. 


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