Sunday, 21 June 2015

A Prosperity Preacher's Prayer

Dear God, as you look down from Heaven, do remember me, your humble servant as I keep your promises in my heart, seek your righteousness and receive your abundant blessings in my life.

Give me this day more than I can store in my warehouse of faith and fill me to the overflow as you have filled the land for Abraham, Jacob and Joseph with livestock, cattle, great harvest and riches beyond their wildest imagination. For none of those who serve you and praise your name from morning, night and noon are in need, in want and in lack.

Lead me to your prosperity and success as I am always mindful to sow seeds of faith and hope, and in return, reap a windfall of blessings, health and wealth for as long as I live on this earth. Let me never forget that you delight in rewarding your humble servant as your favor is on those who love your word and meditate on them day and night.

Oh Lord, keep me from being tested beyond what I can take in this mortal shell of mine as your grace is always sufficient for me and your unconditional love covers a multitude of my sins.  For there is no more condemnation in my life and I can walk boldly without fear of sin or re-sinning or the need for repentance. I am eternally grateful that I am assured of eternal salvation and security. So, remind me to never crucify you twice. Never. And as you have overcome, so shall I. I am therefore always protected from temptations as I walk in your will and believe that you have bought me with a price. I am therefore counted justified, made whole, and even deemed righteous in your eyes and in the eyes of my church members.

Dear God, deliver me from evil and rescue me from poverty. Let my mouth never taste the sting of destitution or my hands ever be bruised by the curse of hard labor. Let me never forget that you are a prayer-answering God and nothing is impossible for you. Don’t ever let me forget that. For if I ask, will you not freely give? And if you should freely give, will you not freely give me that which I have specifically asked and desired for? For your gift is perfect and it is perfect for me.

Give me wisdom too Lord to know thy will for my life and to hold on to your promises that surely goodness, prosperity and mercies shall slavishly follow me all the days of my life. Let me lean not on my own understanding but trust in your ways and thoughts that are infinitely higher than mine to know intimately that they are to keep me from financial, physical and mental harm and ruins. For it is said that the man who pleases you, you give wisdom, knowledge and happiness. I therefore claim all that in full and bank them all into your storehouse of blessings and love. Pleasures and joy shall therefore be my inheritance in life.

And forgive me Lord if I believe too little in you or underestimate the richness of your plans for my life or forget that you love me unconditionally and want only the best for me or take your power to prosper me for granted or live like a pauper when you have duly bestowed on me the promises of an abundant life or ever doubt that you will pour down blessing like the latter day rain on every aspects of my life unto overflowing or hesitate to believe with all my heart that you will give me the riches of this world in good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over as you pour onto my lap. 

Finally, dear God, grant me the strength to never falter or waver. In my faith and hope in you and in claiming all of your steadfast promises to make me whole, you will continue to bless me abundantly, grant me good health and long life, lead me from one success to another, keep me safe and secure, deliver me from trouble in this world, give me peace that surpasses all human understanding, assure me that I am more than a conqueror in you, remind me that there is no more condemnation in you, encourage me to strive to be humble so that I may be exalted, find favor in me so that you may grant me the desires of my heart, add everything unto me as I seek your righteousness, and preserve me whole and unblemished till I heave my final breath. 

And after that, I shall meet you in a heavenly Mansion you have prepared just for me that is a thousand times bigger than the few earthly mansions I already own here.

As I close dear sovereign Lord, maker of all things good, I recall in the scripture that you have told me this so that my joy will be complete. I hereby admit without doubt that my joy is indeed complete. For I believe, therefore I possess; and I shall always possess. Amen.

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