Thursday, 18 June 2015

I am a pleasure-seeking man.

I am a pleasure seeking man. I seek the pleasure of company that money cannot buy. I crave after the assuring presence of my wife and relish the time I share with her. I enjoy her daily experiences told to me by her, however routine they may be. I savor the moments we have together and allow the moments to teach, replenish and refresh me as we journey hand in hand in good times and bad.

I seek the joy of a touch we share and consciously choose to linger on for as long as time permits. I go beyond the remit of physical intimacy and allow the intertwining of our souls to open up a world of discovery for us. I seek the pleasure of knowing her the way I want to know about myself and life in general. I seek the growing opportunity of understanding her dreams, hopes and even fears without judgment.

I am no doubt a pleasure seeking man. I seek the pleasure of growing old with her. I seek the enduring joy of knowing that nothing fulfills life more than being faithful to my vows. I seek the contentment that comes with loving just one person and that person is the one who walked down the aisle with me, go through thick and thin together, struggle and stay with me despite my flaws, share my dreams and hopes, and accept me for who I am.

I acknowledge that temptation abounds but I also acknowledge that the joy of faithfulness abounds even more. I therefore seek the pleasure that is shared between two lives joined as one and treasure the trials that come with this union with eyes that look beyond the conflict and into our growth and resilience. 

Without shame, I am a pleasure seeking man. I seek the pleasure of the company of my children. I seek to accept them for who they are and focus on their strength rather than their weakness. I relish the time spent with them and I shall endeavor not to let every opportunity to learn and grow with them pass me by. I understand that we are joined together more by our flaws than anything about us that is even remotely praiseworthy.

I treasure the enriching time we share when we joke with one another, when we go out for a walk, when we share a humble meal at home, when we play before bedtime, and when we go through hard times together. I am richer knowing that the time spent with my children is both for my growth and theirs and the memories we share will keep the candle of my life shining even brighter.

I look forward to persevering with them when they face growing issues in their life, and with optimism, hope and love, I seek the joy that comes with seeing them overcome and learn from life's lessons every step of the way.

I am thus indebted to them for bringing meaning and hope to my life and for teaching me lessons that I never knew I needed them as I face my own trials. I am empowered even more when they shower me with affection and appreciation unsolicited at unsuspecting moments that validates my own struggle for purpose in this world. My joy is therefore the privilege of being a father and my privilege is the joy of fatherhood.

I am unapologetically, undeservingly and unwaveringly a pleasure seeking man. I seek the pleasure that a godless world deems as a mirage of hope or as outmoded and impractical. I seek the pleasure of being faithful for a lifetime. I seek the pleasure of nurturing my very own and learning from them in return. For what more pleasure is there to be had than to see them growing up and then nurturing their very own in this trying but rewarding cycle of parenthood?

I seek the pleasure of believing in love unceasing, hope unfailing, joy unsurpassing, faith unseeing and a mystery unraveling. I seek the pleasure in the knowledge that there is more than meets the material eye and that the world did not come from nothing to something but instead from everything to something. I seek the pleasure of a company that far exceeds my wildest imagination, who sought my company first out of a sacrifice of love, and abides with me as I seek to abide in Him.

I seek the pleasure of the things that money cannot buy and where all the riches, fame and power of this world combined pales in comparison. I seek the pleasure of cultivating virtues the world finds a stumbling block to the freedom of self as defined by this world. I stubbornly seek the definitive and ultimate pleasure that the happiness in the here-and-now will not even come close to satisfy.

I seek the pleasure of giving and not taking, hoping and not giving up, truth and not deception, and faith in uncertainty and not fealty to my own certainty. I seek love above lust, joy above happiness, contentment above constant craving, trust above self-serving gains, relationship above networking, and sacrifice above convenience.

All these are my "guilty-pleasures" and the only guilt I have after I am done and quietly leave this world is not having more time to indulge in them when I had the chance. Cheerz. 

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