Thursday, 8 October 2015

50 ways to deal with guilt.

50 ways to deal with guilt...
1) Cover it up.

2) Tell yourself "It did not happen."

3) Tell yourself "It was a dream."

4) Tell yourself "It wasn't me."

5) Blame it on genes.

6) Blame it on culture.

7) Blame your mother.

8) Blame it on an absent father.

9) Blame it on a school bully or childhood humiliation. 

10) Blame it on the unconscious (or some existential angst).

11) Blame the government.

12) Blame the Fall.

13) Blame God.

14) Avoid the issue by over-eating.

15) Avoid the issue by signing up for a feel-good seminar.

16) Avoid the issue by telling yourself this time it will be different.

17) Avoid the issue by telling yourself this time you will be stronger.

18) Confide in another not to seek help but for attention.

19) Confide in another to gain pity.

20) Trivialize it.

21) Marginalize it.

22) Minimalize it.

23) Disassociate from it.

24) Disconnect from it.

25) De-construct it and philosophize it away.

26) Defuse it (and scamper off).

27) Justify it with higher reasoning.

28) Justify it with behavioral science.

29) Justify it with modern culture.

30) Justify it with pop culture.

31) Justify it with loose culture.

32) Justify it with individual freedom.

33) Justify it by saying, "Everyone is doing it what."

34) Justify it with postmodernism.

35) Justify it with scriptures.

36) Justify it with Darwinistic evolution.

37) Dismiss it as an aberration.

38) Dismiss it as a distraction.

39) Dismiss it as derailment.

40) Repress it with busyness.

41) Repress it by becoming more religious.

42) Repress it with increased church attendances.

43) Repress it by involving yourself in more ministry work.

44) Repress it by declaring, "There's no condemnation!" (Or "Your sins, past, present and future, are all forgiven").

45) Repress it by giving more to charity or to the less fortunate.

46) Repress it with self-flagellation.

47) Don't take it too seriously.

48) Accept it as part and parcel.

49) Adapt and live with it.
50) Confess, Repent, and Change.

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