Monday, 5 October 2015

To be or not to be gay.

To be gay or not to be gay...about gay priests coming out of the closet? That's the eternal and infernal question of all time and for all time.
Polish priest Krzysztof Charamsa, accompanied by his boyfriend, confronted the media last Saturday, saying, "I'm out of the closet and I'm very happy about that...I want to be an advocate for all sexual minorities and their families who have suffered in silence."
Charamsa was emboldened to make the declaration before the media because Pope Francis had done two things recently: First, he has given "a clear steer that the Church should be more open to gays" and second, he was seen hugging a gay old friend and met his partner in the recent US visit.
However, the Vatican is displeased and threatened to "disrobe" Charamsa of his post as a theologian.

Lesson? Three.
1) Human nature. Imago dei? Gay genes? Rousseau's Noble savage? Hobbes' brutish man? Locke's Blank Slate? What is our true human nature?
Is homosexuality natural or unnatural? Is it a sin, demon possession, criminal act, mental disorder, neurosis, disease, social deviation? Is it a lifestyle choice, a genetic fate, an innate sexuality, an inclination, a calling, a slant, a fad, a reckless act, a publicity stunt?
Will homosexuality "populate" and rule the world? Infect the young generation with their gay virus? Turn the world upside down? Ruin God's intended plan for creation? Or will they co-exist with us, contribute to society, flourish and thrive with us, bless us with diversity and creativity, and live in enduring harmony when the persecution truly stops?
Is the world going to the "gay dogs" or the "bigot pigs"? Like the Titanic song, this debate will go on and on.

2) Human nurture. The magazine Economist once ran an article arguing that "if homosexuality were a choice, now would be a great time to choose it." It seems like the "gay volcanoes" everywhere have erupted with vigor, vengeance and vindication.
And what do Oscar Wilde, Alan Turing, Lord John Browne, Ricky Martin and Apple's Tim Cook all have in common? Yes, they are all gays coming out of their velvety closets.
It was once said that homosexuality is "the Love that dare not speak its name," but now, in this modern era, homosexuality is not only de-criminalized, but it is also de-classified in the DSM, de-kryptonized in social circles, and de-fanged in most religious denominations. The love that had found no utterances is now echoing through the corridors of this modern world.
I guess there has never been a better time for homosexual to stand out to be counted. And mind you, they are not squeezing back into their claustrophobic closets anymore; especially not with the recent US Supreme Court majority decision.
With that decision, is it time for those hell-bent homo-haters to return back to their caves of denial, deception and ignorance? Or, can we expect a backlash the force of a moralistic tsunamis where the wedge between them and us is driven even deeper and wider because the twain shall never meet?
Alas, like the Titanic song, this debate will go on and on.


3) Human torture. The news today reports: "According to Mr Charamsa, most Catholic priests have a homosexual orientation but are so consumed by self-hatred that they support the repression of their basic instinct and desire for love."
Charamsa then made this plea: "I ask the Pope to be strong and remember us, homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals as children of the Church and members of humanity." So, what's next in this development then?
Here, I recall what Ian McKellen, a gay British actor, once said, "When I became Gandalf, I think I was the only gay member of the cast...Now there are two gay dwarfs. There's a gay elf. There are six openly gay actors...Who's to say that Gandalf isn't gay anyway?" Mm....
Is the Lord of the Rings a satirical harbinger of things to come? Is human nature then what we are created to overcome or is it what we have evolved to accept, embrace and improve upon? the Titanic song, this debate will go on and on.

Yet one thing's sure about the Titanic. It is headed towards the iceberg regardless of the hatred, the good intention or the liberal thinking. Maybe the problem with the Titanic-like problems in this world is not so much about steering a safer course first.
Maybe it is more about the crew - regardless of opinion, position and rank - working together, respecting and listening to each other. Maybe the greater danger at the moment is the coming collision of hate-filled dogmas. God knows what the world needs now is not more division or polarization. It needs more understanding, dialogue and trust.
In the end, let's admit it: we may not find the perfect solution to the issue. But at least we can learn to peaceably co-exist with one another and pass down an enduring legacy to our future generation that will inspire them to close the gap even further with earnest instead of widening it regardless. Cheerz.

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