Sunday, 18 September 2016

My away!

Please prepare for this. It is a rant. It might go nowhere. Hit empty targets. Miss the spot. Or just idle away.

But it is no less a rant. It is a rant about us. About how we have changed. About how we have put ourselves above others. About how we have forgotten what is truly enduring, life-enriching, and in its place, pursued what is simply degrading and life-destroying.

This rant is blind to being tactful. It is insensitive to people's feelings. It is blunt and some may say attention seeking.

But a rant is no respecter of persons. It comes as it wishes, makes the point and leaves when it’s done.

This is my rant and I am taking off the gloves here. I am going straight for the heart of the issue. The jugular. That vital pulse that still matters in us. Here comes my foul mouth. Ready with apology?

Alright. Here it is. I shall lay it down here. Fire away.

We are all insane. Yes we are. We are insane in the way we care only for ourselves. This is glaring in how we treat our loved ones, our spouse, our marriage.

We treat marriage as a me-centered relationship. We enter into it hoping to get something out of it rather than to give of ourselves to our partner. It is always a case of when-the-going-gets-tough, the-act-tough-bails.

The high divorce rate everywhere speaks about a timeless love that has taken a long leave of absence. And in its place is instant self-gratification, self-indulgence and self-elevation.

The marriage vows have become a commercial jingle and when the music and fun stop, we start looking for diversions, distractions and marital indiscretions. 7-year itch has been reduced to 7-month full body scratch.

Happy-ever-after is now happy-in-what-I-am-after. And when happy is no longer happy, we take the next bus of divorce out of the marriage. Love train becomes lust reigns.

Here comes the second rant. Ready, with pardon? Fire away.

We are also insane in the way we view sex in marriage. It has become an obsession, and fornication and adultery are now badges of honor, and not shame. It is the same way with virginity is prude and blow jobs before kisses.

We boast about it. We give the adulterer a pat on the back. We cheer with the fornicator. We say we understand. We say to them, "If she is not giving you right, go for someone who can."

We tell them that first marriage is always experimental, don't take the vows at the altar too seriously. Don’t be naïve or old fashioned. Move with the time. Flow with it.

We comfort the guilty and put guilt on those who need comfort. We want to be understanding, liberal, open minded, avant garde, modern, flexible, acceptable, ahead of the curves, likeable, outstanding and admired.

We want pornographic sex in marriage. We want to be satisfied first. We want to be served first.

Sex in marriage is now a competition. We are looking for the best service around and marriage is no promise of the best service provider. Recall this is a rant? And recall it is insensitive to others' feelings. Ready for another, sorry?

Here it comes...and it has got to do with politics. Fire away.

Love may TRUMP hate, but not common sense. America is sadly leading the way here. When Hillary said that half of Mr Donald Trump's supporters could be put in a "basket of deplorables," she was deplorably foolish to say that.

She is forgetting she's a politician. She has been one since decades ago. She should know better, much better. Foolishness doesn't even cut it for her.

Hillary apologised after that and she did the politically correct thing. She needed their votes. She needed to suck it up. She is a politician, remember?

And here's a tribute to them politicians by Groucho Marx: "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it, misdiagnosing it, and then misapplying the wrong remedies."

But seriously, here is my rant about the "basket of deplorables" and you can actually find them everywhere. I have been one long enough to know how to spot them on the streets, in large gatherings, in a mob, and even in some megachurches.

But let's not jump into the religion bandwagon just yet. My rant is about politics and Trump is leading the way. He is the epitome of our time. He is like "Moses" but trust me, the sea ain't parting.

A writer once said this, "Mr Trump is a deplorable candidate - to put it charitably - and anyone who helps him advance his racial, religious and ethnic bigotry is part of that bigotry. Period.

Anyone who elevates a sexist is part of that sexism. The same goes for xenophobia. You can't conveniently separate yourself from the detestable part of him because you sense in him the promise of cultural or economic advantage.

That hair (like the sea) cannot be split. Furthermore, one doesn't have to actively hate to contribute to a culture that allows hate to flourish.

It doesn't matter how lovely your family, how honorable your work or service, how devout your faith - if you place ideological adherence or economic self-interest above the moral imperative to condemn and denounce a demagogue, then you are deplorable." (Charles M. Blow).

Now, that's ranting with class and I can't agree with him more.

You see, we live in an age where we readily equate fame with virtue. The popular gets away with almost everything, and can do anything with feted dying affection.

We worship the celebrities in concert halls, in stadiums, in open-road rallies, and in megachurches, but we forget about the unknown or never known, the ones battling with terminal illness, the ones struggling to make ends meet, the ones supporting the family while the head of the household has abandon them for another, and the ones who are morally and religiously condemned for being different, less than perfect, and for having fallen because of a moment of human fragility. Sin is always other people remember?

And with Google, Facebook and Yahoo!, we can readily call up people's sins in the past with condemning exactitude, but we easily forget people's inspiring deeds in a second. God can readily forget our past sins, but we can't thanks to modern technology. We can't move forward because the hauntings of the past come in surround-sound, enhanced 3D visuals and in full blasting Technicolor. We are living our present and forestalling our future just for our cursed past. We have lost the right to be forgotten. To forget what needs no remembrance – or else, there would never be full closure and recovery. Cursed digital memory!

Indeed, our insanity has no limit. And so is my tactless rant. Let me end here with religion (my specialty). Strap's the only rant here with no apologies. Fire away!

Whether we admit it or not, AW Tozer is right you know. If the Holy Spirit were to be taken away from the megachurches today, 95% of us will still carry on as before - its business as usual.

The preachers, whether in fine leather or a suit and tie, will still tell you from the mesmerizing pulpit that God's grace, favor and prosperity are on you - 100%. They will still tell you God wants you to have big cars, big houses and a fat bank account.

They will still tell you that if you give to the church, God will bless you materially. And they will still tell you that repentance is so last century, blessings are coming your way, sickness is not for you, God wants you to do nothing, and love is all you need (forget about travailing in trials, overcoming life’s obstacles and engaging in the disciplines of the Spirit).

Even when the HS is no longer around (so says Tozer), the megachurches will still prosper. They will still grow stronger in numbers. They will still have millions of dollars coming in from donors who are thoroughly impressed with the music, the band, the stage, and most of all, the one and only star of the magnificent building that costs millions, that is, the preacher with the Midas touch.

And they will equate all that with spirituality because their feelings are telling them it is just right, that they feel His presence, and that they are inspired to do great things.

Alas, one day, someone will pick up the Bible, read it from cover to cover for himself, and put all of them celebrity preachers to shame!

So, in a nutshell, if there is a new religion in town when the HS has taken leave, it would have to be the religion of emotions. It is about feeling good. It is about feeling loved. It is about feeling high. It is about me.

Herein ends my rant. My mindless screed. My aimless pitch. My pent-up screech. Have I missed the target, skirt the issue, strayed off the path? I hope not. I hope I have made some sense. Cheerz.

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