Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Foolish Kong Hee - a lamentation.

Calvin Ho, the Executive Member of CHC wrote this yesterday:-

"If the six charged and accused CHC leaders were swindlers and cheated of the Church members of their hard earned money, then why not haul all the 500 Executive Members to come testify and witness? Why were no victims called to testify? Why has even no Church Management Board Members been called to testify?

This to me is so lop-sided and absurd as it is, as I see the establishment calling out witnesses as they deem fit yet in their choice of witness not a single witness to date was convincing in their total witness testimony that any of the six accused did wrong that is worthy of criminal charge and punishing jail terms.

How could you so neglect people like me who is an Executive Member for almost 15 years (in my estimation of years) as witness, and I am just one of the hundreds?"

Lesson? Yes, just one. It is called "The Foolish Kong Hee - a lamentation".

Oh, Kong Hee, oh Kong Hee, how foolish can you be, Kong Hee?

Throughout this saga, you have shown to be of little faith in the crossover project. You have disappointed many who have put their faith and trust in you. Your apologetic god will not be pleased, trust me.

Like Joseph Prince in his Swiss Alps experience where his god told him in ghetto-speak that he was mixing law with grace, you have mixed doubt with faith.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself, even remorseful. The errors of your way is that you have underestimated the power of congregational giving when it comes unhinged with the power of congregational believing.

It's practically a blankcheque trust, but you did not cash it in 100%. You helped it along. You overdid things. You itchy backside. You exposed your insecurity with Xtron, Firna and all. And for that, you are paying an unnecessary price now.

Your lack of faith is your downfall. You have lost your way because of fear, anxiety and overcompensation. It is a lesson you will learn the hard way.

By now, you should know that there is absolutely no need for you to maneuver in the dark when you could have done so in the light. You therefore don't need to borrow the covers of the night to launch off your supposedly evangelistic Trojan-horse front of your wife's singing career when you could have rolled her out in the open meadow of undisguised extravagance and opulent living.

She should have been the superstar that you have always wanted her to be without the dubious vehicle of loan investments, sham companies and questionable round tripping.

The $24 million shouldn't have been made to look like a drug mule bloated with cash trying to skirt, avoid and escape detection by the authorities for suspected fraud and misappropriation.

Instead, you as their leader, their shepherd, their head rancher should have made full and frank disclosure (without fear) to the faceless masses of tens of thousands who simply believed, adored and admired you without condition and question (and still inexplicably do).

Their loyalty, devotion and trust in your leadership comes with a dedication of time, money and effort that is simply out of this world. In other words, you don't need a drug mule to make that crossover transition in secrecy and conspiracy.

You just needed more faith in your thousands of supporters to put your beloved wife on a bejeweled donkey (borrowing a Palm-Sunday analogy) and ride her into a certain cavalry of what she once described as a life of self-sacrificing for being drawn away from family, living in a lonely mansion, flying in top class cold comfort, and immersing in a despiritualized world of fame, riches and carnal influences.

And now, you are paying for this lamentable lack of faith in your die-hard members. Sure, some will fall away by the wayside when you tell them the truth and nothing but the truth about the Crossover Project.

They will squint when you tell them that you will be promoting your wife's secular singing career for evangelistic purpose. They will cringe when you tell them that she is going full throttle with obscene videos where she will gyrate sensually and make sexually suggestive expressions all for a godly cause.

And they may even walk out when you tell them that her "sacrifices" also involve spending millions of the building funds to ensure that you keep up with appearances by making sure she lives in unimaginable luxury, with personal grooming and services of the highest class, but with the endgame of saving souls in mind and heart.

But let them be. Let them go. Leave them leave. They are someone else's problem - not yours. You shouldn't have abandoned your faith in the rest of your members just because you are spooked by a handful.

You have forgotten yet so easily that you still have an army. You still have a legion. You have innumerable; they numbered the stars. You can always depend on them to stick by you come rain or shine, storm or blue skies, crossroads or crossover.

Alas, yet you have failed them. You underestimated their fealty, their undying devotion, their unconditional love for you. It could all have been so different, so victorious, so glorious! It could have been a success way beyond your wildest imagination.

All you needed to do was to have more faith to tell them about your unembellished intentions, ambitions and motives for your wife's singing career, and not leave any of the morally unspeakable stuff as seen in China Wine video out, and you will be surprised - I assure you - of their collective response. They will still support you. They will still cheer for you. They will still donate unconditionally. Some will no doubt leave, but the critical mass will nevertheless give.

So, you will still have many who will support you. You can therefore still achieve your goal for the Crossover Project.

However, by taking the long faithless route of setting up dubious companies, issuing suspicious bonds, and expending millions in cover-ups, instead of openly and boldly asking money from them, you have dug your own grave. You have capsized your own ship.

Oh Kong Hee, Oh Kong Hee, how foolish can you be, Kong Hee! You have only yourself to blame. You are running from the hauntings of an imagined guilt. You are therefore the author of your own misfortune. Because you have gone ahead mindlessly to do as thou wilt. Cheerz.

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