Sunday, 3 June 2018

Trump and Kim meet up again.

We are back again guys! Trump-Kim summit in Singapore is on. Fret no more, our Defence minister is all psyched up about it. 

Dr Ng promises to be a good host. And various agencies are working hard to ensure the historic meeting would go smoothly. 

He even had the "kee-chiu" of the top military brass of various countries about it. 

In a lunch hosted by him for the Defence ministers, he asked them for a show of hands about the upcoming talks (between Trump and Kim), and this is what he recounted:-

"I asked them, despite all the caveats and some doubts, whether on balance this meeting the US and DPRK (North Korea) was positive, and an overwhelming majority thought so."

Dr Ng added: "It's constructive and even a concrete step forward. Let's just hope and plan, and if it takes place, let's hope for the best." 

It almost sounded like a religious invocation asking for the stars to aligned for both size-obsessed leaders to meet up.

And this is the icing on the summit cake when our defence minister confirmed that "Singapore will bear the security cost of hosting the summit, saying: "It's a cost we're willing to bear to play a small part."

Now, it has to be said that it was Trump who wrote a letter to Kim about the cancellation. 

He stressed in one part of the letter that he leaves it open nevertheless for future possibility of a meet up with this caveat thrown in for good measure:-

"You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and so powerful that I pray to God they will never be used."

Strange, Kim wrote back a week later. He wrote back in reply to his counterpart's letter and you cannot miss the size of the envelop. It's huge (see image below). OMG, these two are fast becoming pen pals.

Is Kim sending a message that mine is still bigger than yours? Is he pushing the envelope?

Some are even saying that the huge letter, when held up by Trump, shows how tiny Trump's fingers were and that could be an insult. Is it?

Anyway, I can somehow imagine what was going in Trump's mind when he received that letter:- 

"While mine is standard size, why is Kimmy showing me a bigger one? Didn't I made it clear that in my manila-sized letter last month that mine is massive and more powerful that I pray to God I will not used it? Good one Kimmy, my next letter is going to be bigger, bet on it Kimmy!"

Be that as it may, it reports that the huge letter was "carefully examined by the Secret Service for anything potentially dangerous before the North Korean official, General Kim Yong Choi, was able to deliver it."

After the security check, for fear that Kim might poison Trump, a relieved Trump said that it was "a very nice letter" and "a very interesting letter."

After that, Trump said: "We're meeting with the chairman on June 12, and I think it's probably going to be a very successful process - ultimately, a successful process."

The twitter-in-chief then said: "I don't even want to use the term maximum pressure anymore because...we're getting along."

Alas, it is good to know that the two boys are getting along well, and we hold our breath for the coming summit on 12 June that the taxpayers here are paying partly for. 

Lesson? I think Shakespeare's words come to play here - "The world's a stage." And the grand success is to stage it well and ensure maximum exposure of the praises and glories of rich men in power. 

I am tempted here to go into a screed about that Shakespeare line, but I think it is more fun to speculate what is written in Kim's up-sized letter to Trump that earned the very understated label of "very nice letter" and "very interesting letter" from Trump. 

The strange thing is that Trump claims he has not read the letter. And even if he had read it, he did not reveal its contents. His ambiguous remarks above says almost nothing about what is written inside.

Maybe, if I may hazard a guess, I think Kim's letter goes something like this...?

"Dear Trumpy,

Your letter to cancel the summit we have worked so hard for breaks my heart. 

And you have to rub it in by saying that the meeting was requested by us, and then pretentiously trivialised it by sayIng that that is totally irrelevant to you. 

Bro, you are so confusing to me. You always send mixed signals that I find very hard to follow.

Didn't we agree to meet up and it was a joint decision made by both of us so that we can show the world how big and massive our nuclear capacities are? 

How is that irrelevant bro? Size matters, and you of all people have made that very clear in your letter to me. And I have made it even clearer to you...see envelope. 

Then, my heart broke further when you break this accord of historical public display of power by accusing me of showing "tremendous anger" and "open hostility" in my most recent statement. 

Trumpy, isn't this a case of the pot calling the kettle black, or the toupe calling the bald man bald? 

Mind you, if I can count the number of time you shoot from your mouth with reckless statements that pissed international leaders off, our combined nuclear arsenal would not even be enough to match it! 

So, please dial down on the drama bro. When it comes to that, you are no match for me...recall I am prepared to send my men to the sun when it's night time? 

You are not that smart Trumpy. Don't get ahead of yourself pls. 

But then, after all said, I retreated back to think more after receiving your comparatively smaller size letter than mine. 

I allowed my amazing brain to think things through and a few of your lines in your letter warmed by heart. I tried to read between the lines into the inner recesses of your soft glowing heart mate.

You wrote that you felt a wonderful dialogue was building up between us, even though all we have done so far is you calling me a "madman" who is "short and fat" and me calling you the "mentally deranged US dotard". 

And then you wrote that "some day, you look very much forward to meeting me." You thanked me for releasing the hostages and you said "that was a beautiful gesture" and you appreciated it very much.

Bro, I missed all that. I admit that I teared a little when I read that line and tried my darnest not to allow that to mess up my impeccable hairdo in front of the generals. 

Honestly, I really miss you praising me and eagerly wanting to meet me up. The desperation is written all over your face. 

Now, who is the one requesting for a meet up eh?

And at your last paragraph, you said that if I ever change my mind, you begged me to not hesitate to call or write to you. You said this "missed opportunity is a truly sad moment in history".

Well, mate, here I am. I am writing to you. I needed to, since a phone call will not show how huge my envelope is. 

I also realised now that your letter is not asking for a cancellation. Blind me, it is a backhand way of asking for a reconciliation. You sob, you are dying to meet me and you are too proud to admit it yourself. 

I get it now bro. It's as obvious as the childish pout on your face. 

Trumpy, wait no more, I am coming, I am coming to you. I do not want to wait another thousand years to meet up. I am coming. 

Let me end this letter by saying that you are right to say that this missed opportunity is a truly sad moment in history. It is sad because world peace will not be restored if we do not  show the world that we can actually be true friends, friends with benefits, buddy for life, soulmates even.


Ps: My nuclear capabilities are still more massive and powerful than yours. Cheerz.

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