Monday, 21 July 2014

I hear a crash...

I hear a crash.

My heart descends.

The pain is felt.

The sorrow's immense.

What is next?

I ask myself.

Questioning fate.

Reasons are put paid.

Killing here.

Bombing there.

Innocence ripped apart.

Nothing's fair.

Children orphaned.

Wives widowed.

The old are left to die.

The young has nowhere to hide.

This is the curse of us.

This is our burden to bear.

We are taken to task.

We're tragedy's rightful heir.

They say war is over.

When we are dead.

But if we are dead.

Where forth war, I said.

Human nature.

Scares me to bits.

We kill our own.

In raging wild fits.

The world bleeds.

Every time a man heeds.

To the drumming of self.

In an apoplexy of hell.

There's no cure for greed.

There's no time for creed.

Ideology's a means to an end.

When corruption is firmly at hand. 
The fire of our desire.

Burns like a consummate draw.

It entices even the most pious.

With the lure of a siren’s call. 

We can lament till sunset.

For broken lives, our heart wept.

But the pain still lingers.

As the dead among us are kept.

Alas, it's time we wake up.

To men's rapacious deed.

It is our need to dominate.

This appetite we blindly feed.

Maybe all this has an end.

It's not too farfetched to think.

Maybe the end is near.

With men's final fling.

It's something we have created.

Which Einstein had forewarned.

Some nations have initiated. 

The countdown to Nuclear's horn.

So pity not humanity.

Cast not pearls in vain.

If we don't wake up to reality.

Our end will be mercy rain.


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