Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My problem is enough, thank you.

This straits times report tore me up. With much agony, this was how a mother "sacrificed" for her son: "The boy put up a struggle, wriggling out of his mother's grasp twice, but by the time she caught hold of him a third time, he told her that he did not have any more strength to resist, and began to cry.

Loh (the mother) placed him on to the clothes poles (five storey high flat) where he tried to hold on to the clothes poles. However, she pushed his hands away and he fell to the ground. He later succumbed to his injuries in hospital."

The mother, although held fit to stand trial, was suffering from post schizophrenic depression and had once tried to strangle her own mother who was supporting her. And sadly the son suffered "from a host of medical conditions, including liver impairments that left him jaundiced and malnourished, and osteoporosis, making his bones brittle."

The mother, who was jobless, "had been worried about providing for her son and thought that by injuring him she could get him away from her to a children's home, where he could be better cared for."

Lesson? If economics is all about demand and supply, then this world do not lack any supply of grief. This report is heartbreaking in so many ways. The mother's pain and regret, the son's tragic death, and the hand of justice trembling to do justice.

Maybe the lesson here is to not forget about the little sunshine in our own life. Nothing is to be taken for granted. All our petty complaints are thoroughly dissolved in the human acid of pain, suffering and tragedy most unspeakable.

Maybe the everydayness of living, however routine, is a blessing after all. Things may seem dull, off-color and slow but this saying reverses it all for me: "We nag and complain. But if the world is asked to cast all their problems in a heap and each of us is asked to take an equal share of it, most of us would humbly walk away with our own problems held closely to our chest, guarding it jealously." Cheerz.

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