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Joe Prince's Perfect Healing World.

Recently, I stumbled upon Joseph Prince’s online sermonette. He started with Matthew 8:3
3 which reads, “Then Jesus put out His hand and touched him, saying, “I am willing; be cleansed.”

Here comes an extract of his explanatory note:-

Do you know that it is God’s will for you to be healed? In fact, Jesus always healed the sick who came to Him. The blind, lame, maimed, mute, deaf and demon-possessed — He healed them all! (Matthew 8:16).

Joseph Prince then went on to say that Jesus “never gave sickness to anybody. You never find Jesus looking at a person, a fine specimen of a man, and saying, “Come here. You are too healthy. Receive some leprosy!” In fact, when a leper came to Him for healing, Jesus, full of compassion, told the leper, “I am willing; be cleansed.”

Now you must understand that his sermonette was written to address the misconception about God and sicknesses. He wrote that some Christians think that it is God’s will for them to be sick. He banished this thought with this conclusion: “Come on, what makes perfect sense is this: God wants you well. He wants you whole. His will is for you to be healed!...So my friend, if you are sick, know that God did not give you the disease. Read every healing miracle that Jesus did in the Gospels and see how Jesus is the Lord who heals you. (Exodus 15:26) Hear His gracious words, “I am willing, be healed,” and know that they are as much for you today as they were for the leper!””

- The End -

Joseph Prince’s message kept me thinking – especially that part about the “perfect sense” of absolute healing in our fallen world where sicknesses and death are as common as raindrops and nightfall. At this point, I wonder, What a world where God heals absolutely will be like? Here is how I imagine it will flesh out…(it's just one scenario of many I guess)

What if every prayer for healing comes to pass? There is no exception. When a pastor lays his hands, and prays for full recovery, regardless of the illness or disease, the person prayed for is supernaturally delivered and certified by doctors to be healed. No delay. No remission. No condition. This is the world I imagine. This is what crossing over to the supernatural means. What a world it would be!

Imagine the rousing faith, the clamoring crowd and the enduring impact! And this power to heal is not restricted to pastors, church elders and ministry leaders, mind you, but layman, usher, musician, choir member, interpreter, you name it, are heartily included. It is in fact freely given and freely received.

Of course, you will have to believe by faith, but other than that, God will do the rest. You can say that God had lowered the bar for all. It used to be the inscrutable  mustard seed of faith that moves mountain. Now it is faith of the meagerness of a photon or an electron. It is a subatomic conviction with an atomic manifestation. It is therefore a supernatural act accessible to and for all and not just in the church or in a miracle tent rally. You can take this as the definitive Reformation movement of healing where layperson of all walks of life and ages are bestowed the gift of healing unconditionally.

With this healing explosion, the services of the medical experts are immediately made redundant. Doctors will have to look for alternative employment. Millions of dollars spent on medical equipment and technology will be put to disuse. Although many will mourn for the medical profession, even more will rejoice at the universal harvest of healing across the globe.

Hospital will be emptied. First aid kits abandoned. Pharmacies shut down. Drug companies filing for bankruptcies. And medical innovation coming to a standstill.

With miracles happening at such rampancy, immediacy and spontaneity, I can expect shouts of joy and celebration of hope. Families will grow stronger and the Christian faith will be lifted high like banners in the sky. Even atheists would have to join the revolution of faith and denounce their once godless lifestyle. 

With healing that are not only immediate and complete, but also enduring throughout one's life, we can expect the publishing in the obituary page to be less frequent. Premature death will be rarer and people will be less concerned with health and more focused on eating what they like without worry. Obesity and heart attack will no longer be linked since any link will be broken with intercession.

Cancer will be like the common cold where what is prescribed is the laying of hands rather than a battery of invasive tests and draining chemotherapy. Transplant surgeries will be nonexistent since faith works infinitely better than waiting for a suitable donor. And you can expect war veterans to return with missing limbs fully replaced not with prosthetic but by earnest supplications.

On an even brighter side, I foresee the black market for organs and the illegal means by which they are harvested to be a thing of the past. Who needs a donor-organ when it can be grown back anew by focused utterances?

With money saved from such supernatural occurrences, the government will be able to channel the additional funds to other equally important projects like lifting poverty, investing in social and charity works, and fighting child trafficking, the sex and drug trade, and eradicating slum violence. The world will indeed be awashed in a perpetual state of blissful and robust physical health as no one is exempted from the universal privilege of absolute healing.

At last, mankind has defeated the one scourge that has plagued them since the beginning of time, that is, the dread of physical infliction and suffering as a prelude to death. And we can all bid farewell to euthanasia (or mercy killing) because mercy has finally dawned upon us in the eradication of the last trace of physical/medical devastation that had once toyed, teased and tortured us along the dark and long corridors of our fragile mortality. 

Then, at this point, my imagination became more restless. It whispered about a premonition that I had overlooked in my rejoicing and celebration. It took me by the hand firmly - yet coldly - and told me that perfect healing comes with a price. It has a hidden cost. It may just be a Trojan-horse invasion of sorts.

A world of absolute health will not stop with the living. For as Jesus raised Lazarus and Jarius' daughter from the grave, the faith-healers who were given carte blanche on healing of the ill and the afflicted in hospitals, infirmaries, geriatric homes and palliative care centers will be emboldened even more to perform the same miracle on the dead. For isn't it the case that "greater works than this shall we do?" Morgues and cemeteries will therefore be invaded with confidence and rejoicing.

I imagine a night vigil for mourning and remembrance to be immediately followed by a day-break celebration of the dead coming to life, putting on new flesh, and embracing loved ones whom they have not seen for years, even decades. The mantra may well be this: "Heaven de-populated and earth re-populated."

Alas, amidst the joy and the tears, the strange reunion will be of the most disconcerting kind. For what does one say to his or her great, great, great grandparents? What advice will the once-dead give to their modern-day descendants? In fact, raising the dead will just be the beginning of a very perplexing reconciliation across generations. Will the gap ever be closed?

Here is where my imagination turns even more disturbing. It showed me the intractable scourge of overpopulation, the rampant raid on scarce resources, the over-burdened earth, the increase in violence, the fight for landmass, the backlash of government policies on population control, the hording of resources, and God forbid, the secret culling of the excess population - an a la Darwinian-like eugenics - and the hiding of bodies to prevent the onslaught of healing hands.

In the midst of the chaos, I imagine God looking down from heaven and let out a deep Noah-like sigh. And then, I imagine a long pause before the decision to recall the healing privileges. With that, supernatural healing became selective, discretionary. With healing indulgences withdrawn, the dead can now die but just once and no more. Doctors got their licenses back. Medical technologies flourished once more. Patients re-admitted. Hospital were back to business, saving lives, pronouncing time of deaths. Pharmacies and drug companies reinstated. The obituary pages continued its daily publishing. The problem of runaway population growth kept under control. And the life of faith and hope returned to its pre-absolute-healing era. Naturally, this is followed closely by the resurgence of atheism, secularism and humanism calling for the delusion to be exposed.

Nevertheless, it was a raw reality of our world that is more manageable and less chaotic. No doubt it is a world where physical suffering would more often than not ravage the body before death, but it is a more predictable world – one where things quietly return to normal. And the natural laws are duly restored as before. Although it is a world we have been struggling with since we can remember, it is however a world where redemptive suffering has triumphantly returned after a long leave of absence.” Cheerz.

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