Friday, 12 February 2016

Selling my faith at the marketplace of ideas.

I took my faith to the marketplace of ideas and wanted to sell it to the highest bidder. I stepped up to the stage and stood behind the lectern and projected my faith and its meta-narrative before my potential buyers. The projection tells a story of creation, the beginning of all. I shared the myth of a loving creator and how his life was interwoven with ours.
History had no better companion than a supernatural love that shadowed a natural order. His hiddenness was never an issue with those who worshipped him even until their destined death. The chaos of history was made more tolerable, even more inspiring, with the hope of an eternity planted in the universal imagination of men.
This metanarrative was far more generous than any mortal king or conqueror can ever match. We cry for a savior to show us the way to a social utopia, a new heaven and earth, and this creator deemed it most fitting to offer himself to our corrupt system of justice after living with us for 33 years. In 3 short days, we tortured him and killed him. But being our creator, what is death but one of his many creations? He who invented it also held the master key of life.
He survived the lynching and rose in bejeweled glory into his bejeweled abode. And to ensure we are not alone, he has sent his ghostly equal to console and empower us and this divine incarnate now shares a lock-down cell with the worst of human excesses and lust - hoping to effect deep changes. That cell is the human heart where all issues of life flow.
That was how I presented my faith at the marketplace of ideas and I waited for the first bid to come. Many bids came on that day. They were eager to buy my faith.
Communism wanted my faith because he wanted to keep it from the masses.  He wanted to hide it for good; to deprive it of any exposure. Faith to them hampers their plans. It gives the people an alternative hope and distracts the laborers from the goals of the exalted leader.
Capitalism wanted my faith too. He has been eyeing it for a long time. He said that my faith is what he needs to generate more wealth for himself. He said he can use my faith to promise the people more prosperity provided they give more of their own prosperity to him. It was a trade off of bejeweled promises for donations, contributions and offerings.
Not wanting to be left out, atheism raised a bid for my faith too. It was no doubt a half-hearted bid but atheism had plans of his own. He wanted to discredit my faith. He wanted to unravel it for all the delusion that it was, is, and will ever be. He said that my faith is to reality what bloodletting is to medicine and what geo-centrism is to astronomy. Atheism wanted to make the quick purchase not for the value of my faith but for what it is not. His purpose is to ultimately replace it with rationality and reason.
From where I stood, I saw many other bidders. Humanism, socialism, secular utopianism, and new age syncretism, to name just a few. All of them had their hands raised. They were all eager purchasers with their own agenda to boot.
But something caught my attention at this time. It was a raised hand from the back of the room. I saw a boy struggling to be seen. His offer was way below the reserve price. I was not contracted to sell my faith to him. But he made the best pitch for my faith. He kept me thinking much more and far deeper than the rest of the bidders have provoked.
In fact, some of the bidders' drive to buy my faith saddened and disgusted me. I then hit the auction hammer down without regrets and sold my faith to the boy at the back.
As he approached the front, he introduced himself as a younger me decades back. He told me he has never forgotten his first love, that is, how that passion gave him hope and meaning. He begged for my faith and told me how transforming it was and has been. He has shown me the most enduring conviction, and he was the sincerest buyer of them all. The choice couldn't have been clearer for me.
And as I handed him the receipt for his token payment and my wrapped-up faith, I realized that this is the best sale ever because I can start all over. Cheerz

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