Thursday, 11 December 2014

Freedom extreme.

Recently, in September 2014, a German ethics council calls for incest between siblings to be legalized by the government. Below is the link and my thoughts.


I guess that there is a kind of freedom in this post-modern world that eagerly, if not sincerely, wants to do right to and for everyone and not to leave anyone excluded, discriminated or feeling alienated. This freedom is all-inclusive and is seemingly inexhaustible with intention that is seldom of suspect (due to its magnanimity of heart).

This freedom is even highly imaginative and endearingly sympathetic and it will tirelessly put human feelings/sentiments above itself and the prevailing time-honored values of tradition and society. It is a freedom that takes flight on the wings of changing cultural hues and sets its sight on the emerging intellectual horizon bolstered by technology and new scientific discoveries.

But while this freedom is praiseworthy in its tolerance and generosity of acceptance, it is also loosely held together because it seeks to represent everything at the risk of representing nothing (or precious little).

In the end. It is as vacuous and transient as the whims of an aristocrat, the lust of an adulterer, the vainglory of a cage-boxer, the bragging-rights of a prize-fighter, the pretentiousness of a dilettante, the empty boast of a hypocrite, and the nose-flare of a gutless bully. Alas, all that good intention and human sentimentality cannot hide the destitution and poverty of its values and agenda.

And because it deprives itself of a center, its surrounding parts cannot hold. Without an axle and being pivot-less, this freedom exhibits strength but is inherently unstable, projects understanding but is superficial and marginal, and desires to be ahead of the curve but is woefully ill-prepared for what awaits at the consequential bend.

So I say release the dogs of society, let the tides rise, stack up that babel's aspiration, and lower the bar of enduring values, and then stand back and watch. Prep yourself up with your favorite beverage and finger food and watch. Because unlike all Disneyesque fairy tales, this social experiment in all-embracing freedom will boomerang back with a vengeance and leave nothing worth redeeming at its wake. Cheerz.

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