Sunday, 26 October 2014

Here's the true secret of our existence.

Before us, who? Before the universe, how? Before life, what? Before time, when? Before earth, where? Who. How. What. When. Where. Before God, was there anything, or can there be anything? If we think, therefore we are, then when God thinks, henceforth we came?

Imagine God exists before anything could even exist. He is the start of everything. His existence is both necessary and eternal. He roams freely in perceived nothingness, that is, in a reality far less materially perceivable than ours today, but no less imaginatively exuberant or brilliant. Everything happens in his mind. Everything takes flight there. Nothing of what we perceive now has the slightest chance to exist without having been first thought by him. Not even quantum space, a primordial singularity, a resonating string, a wisp of air or a blade of grass could exist without having been first imagined by him.

His thought is the genesis of everything that our perception beholds and marvels today. The soft touch of a fabric, the lust of a desire, the searching depth of an idea, the sore of a pain, the hollowness of depression, the euphoria of joy, and the simple pangs of hunger, all exist in God’s mind before we have the privilege to experience it in real sensorial time. Nothing escapes his focused attention. Nothing that is necessary and sufficient for the existence that our existence so depends and thrives upon could stray away in wanton idleness without object and purpose in the mind of the divine.

He saw everything by imagining everything. Nothing was left to its own devices. Nothing was author-less; without an anchorage. Nothing was without design and purpose. Every piece however trivial or paltry congruously makes up the whole puzzle masterpiece. Like a watchmaker, he had every tick and tock, life and death, nuts and bolts pinned down, regulated and built into the whole edifice of time and the enabling laws of the universe. Perception was the tool upon which the start and the end of all coherently agreeable materiality was born.  

More accurately then, the first chapter of Genesis should not commence with “In the beginning, let there be light”. It should in fact commence with a thought. An idea. A concept. An image. A breast-pocket picture of us and everything around us that makes us possible. In a way, it all started because God had a eureka! moment. And if anything, in the beginning, He had a vision. He had a hope. He had a mental itch that he cerebrally scratched into existence with the handmaiden of time and the cradle-sway of imagination.

Although it all began with the beginning of conceptualizing, there is something here that I think has a far more reaching consequence than I can ever think about God having thought about us gradually coming into focus and being. You see, if you strain a little to imagine beyond there being anything that could even make everything we see now a reality, the true genesis of it all may not even be a thought or an idea. It may not be a flashing image of us in his divine mind. God may not even be thinking about us in the way we would think about an earthly goal, a plan or a vision incubating in our mind before we make them a material success.

I suspect the beginning of everything, the perfect source of his imagination, his main and only motivation for our existing, is none other than love. It is love that undergirds everything. It is love that is the life-source of all. Love is and was the first and the last of all acts of creation. Love nourishes a pioneering idea, which then empowers a vision, and later compels an action and it soon blossoms into reality. Nothing could therefore move God more than his love to conjure, compose and conceptualize us into being.  

Love did the job and completed it most perfectly. Love shapes us. It molds us. It curates us. It breathes life into us. God is love. And love sacrifices everything for us. We are special not so much because God first thought of us. It is therefore not the object of an image of us in his mind that makes us special. But we are special, even unique, because God first loved us. We are therefore the subject of his sacred, unfailing passion. 

And if I may be granted some artistic liberty and somewhat irreverent indulgence, I would not hesitate to revise the first chapter of Genesis so that I could give more prominence to the one passion, one devotion and one sacrifice that had painstakingly weaned me into existence, and that is, His enduring, defining and triumphant love. Without which, I would still remain no more than a thought in his mind. Cheerz.

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