Wednesday, 22 October 2014

What if you could see a lifetime in a moment?

What if you could see a lifetime in a moment? 

What would you see? 

How would it change you?

Would you let things be?
I trust you would not see things as they are. 

Your vision will be cast wide, deep and far.  

Imagine a lifetime squeezed into a moment, 

And a moment revealing all there is to know in a lifetime. 

You will see them all in a glance,

From birth to death, 

All events happening in one moment enhanced.  

All the successes and failures availing themselves before you.
All the labor and regrets converging at a point for your preview. 

How would you respond in that moment with this blessed hindsight? 

Will it still matter whether they're wrong and you're right?

This insight would tame your unruly emotions. 

It will make them less deserving 
of your attention.

No doubt you will discover the ugliness of humanity. 

You'll see how men's thoughts devolve into depravity. 

But you will also see the best in all of us. 

As rawness is overcome by love and brought to task. 

With such wide-lens view in the wink of an eye, 

You will spare no time to focus on words that are quickly disavowed with time. 

Your anger wouldn't be stoked by a nasty word or two.

Neither will hatred and bitterness burn deep within you. 

A moment's provocation will readily lose its hold, 

Because the insight to future hope will somehow turn anger cold. 

If a man is incorrigible as his future is moot, 

Then engaging him will surely not bear much fruit. 

With that revelation beyond time and space, 

You will let go and not a second to waste. 
If a man will be remorseful of 
what he has done, 

You will not pursue a point to prove it just for fun. 

You will tame your tongue and let it be, 

And let time show his errors for him to see. 

No confrontation would be worth engaging for long. 

I suspect you will let bygone be bygone. 

Surely, you will be less quick to judge a man, 

Lest your judgment returns to haunt you when he makes amends.

For every person there is a sorrow past.

Judge not that moment and burn all bridges fast.

So, if you see a lifetime in a moment, enjoying this vantage point, 

Wouldn't you stop yourself from reacting and coming to a boil? 

Actually, you don't need to see it all in a moment's span,

For it is already known to you way before hand. 

I ask of you to give a life a lifetime to bloom, 

And hold your wrath as you give 
it more elbow room. 

People will surprise you more than they will let you down, 

Because we're learning from our mistakes in the here and now. 

Be assured of one thing though that is common to all,
And that is how we will without exception,

Stumble and fall. 

So live and let live, and be wise to forgive. 

For a life is just too short, 

To allow the hurt to outlive.

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