Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Is God happy?

Is God happy? I sometimes wonder, Is he upbeat after watching over us for the last thousands, if not billions, of years? He has been there from the beginning anyway. He saw everything. He had a hand in everything in fact. But is he delighted with what he has seen so far?

You see, God authored the flood, rehabilitated Noah, led a nation, appointed kings, punished rebellions especially his very own, guided prophets, allowed wars and carnage, authorized some massacres, sent his son to be sacrificed, anointed apostles,
 blessed the Pope, cradled the church, watched internal dissension foments into a 30 years’ religious war, nurtured the industrial revolution, engineered modern civilization, inspired technology, watched Y2K come and go, and predicted how his creation will come to an end. He has done it all in his lifetime eternal.

So, is God happy then? Is he proud of his achievements? Is he contented, satisfied? Of course, it is a non-starter here. It is rather irreverent of me too I know. I mean, how am I to know the mind of God, his perfect mind? What’s more, his perfect emotions right? Aren’t I mistaking mine for his? God doesn’t work that way right?

 God doesn't keep a diary about how he feels on any given day. Neither does he blog or Facebook about it. He also doesn't leave loose notes or drop nature-revealing hints to show his feelings like painting an upside-down rainbow in the sky and hang it up there for days to show that he is pleased. I will therefore never know for sure how God is feeling at any given moment.

To be honest, if someone would to ask me the same question, Is God happy? I have to admit that I can't really 
say. That question is kind of broad too. Is he happy with me? Or with the world as a whole? Or with the current Christendom? Or with the tally of people saved as against those unsaved? Or with his plans for us? Or just with himself? I guess I feel like a dog chasing his own tail trying to answer that question.

I would also expect to get different answers from different people. If I ask a prosperity preacher, who is living in a big mansion and traveling 
in a private jet, I would expect his reply to be "God is good." I know it is simplistic but I really don't expect the prosperity preacher to answer off the bat that "God is bad." And if I catch his hint, and seeing from his pair of rosy sunglasses, it is safe to assume that he also thinks that "God is happy". He knows this because God has blessed him abundantly. And you don't bless someone if you are pissed off with him; not God at least.

Please don't give me the wazoo about when God wants to punish you, he answers your prayer. That just doesn't make any sense to the prosperity preacher. To him, God is always good and infinitely happy. He would wax lyrical about God because his praise looks good on him.

But if I would to ask a beggar on the street the same question "Is God happy?" he may beg to differ. Putting aside the real possibility that he may think I am crazy, a
 sensible beggar would hope not. Because he is begging on the street, making ends meet and living from hand to mouth with his life hanging precariously on a thread every single day unlike the prosperity preacher, the thought of a happy God would somehow make the beggar feel even more depressed.

In his mind, with a little imagination, I would think that he sees God as a foxhole buddy, sharing everything together in weal and
 woes, in good times and bad. He sees God as a divine comforter and a close friend in need and indeed. As such, I doubt he would so readily agree that God is happy.

Here I recall a scripture that says we are to rejoice with those who rejoice and to weep with those who weep. So, in the eyes of the beggar, any suggestion that God is happy in his current impoverished state would not go down well with him. In fact, he may even think privately to himself that a happy God is a gloating one.

So, to a beggar, God is more somber than happy. He would feel that God is sympathizing with him like mirror neurons would resonate when 
confronted with fellow sufferers. The beggar would even suggest that God is melancholic, if not outright sad. I think he would readily agree with Ecclesiastes 7:2, “It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of everyone; the living should take this to heart.” I am quite sure the prosperity preacher would not be so quick to give this scripture a nod.

Well, I guess we all see God differently and our perception may very well depend on our current station in life. The rich would praise the Lord. The poor would be less effusive about it. The suffering would wish for more attention. The lost would stay away from him. The happy would bless God. The grateful would be thankful. The contented would see God as all-sufficient. The deluded would take God for
 granted. The wise would let God be God. The hopeless would want to see him, very soon. And the wicked would rather God mind his own business.

We want God to love us and at the same time, understand us. We want his attention and his blessings. We want God to feel how we feel and put us first always. We also want God to endorse our plans and grant us favors. For this reason, most of us become advocates for him, God's mouthpiece. We all claim we have his exclusive and undivided 
attention. And when we speak and act, we speak and act specifically for him. We are his individually-appointed earthly ambassadors, unavoidably representing conflicting interests of course.

With so many people claiming that they speak for God exclusively, and with so many of them clamoring for his attention and seeking after his favor, understanding and blessings, and fighting over and for him, it just makes the answer to the question "Is God happy?" incredibly and incredulously difficult. It is infinitely complicated at the very least.

After all said, I really wish God is happy because if I were in his shoes, I would be lost, terrified and even depressed. But then, it is just me…thank God. Cheerz.

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