Tuesday, 14 October 2014

I met the "god the mother" for the third time!

Last week, I met them again. The god the mother cult. This is the third time in 18 months. And it is unnerving and frustrating because their enthusiasm is ironically admirable. They prowl the heartlanders' estate of Bedok like a soft haze on a stale day. But this time, the one who approached me was more presentable - I mean, he presented better arguments to persuade (or unknowingly dissuade) me. He looked like an undergrad, spoke well, and had
 an honest bespectacled disposition. His name? Melvin.
I engaged him for 20 minutes. He told me the usual stuff about his belief. He said the second coming of Jesus was already here in 1948 (Israel became a nation-state). This descended messiah was reincarnated as their founder Ahn Sahng-hong, who strangely died in Feb 1984. Melvin kept showing me Revelation 11:3 which said that this redeemer would come with a new name and that name is, yes,
 Ahn Sahng-hong. I kept hearing that name from him until I had Korean-drama-like vision of him as a young heartthrob superstar.
I reminded Melvin that it is all too convenient and suspicious, but he upped the ante by telling me that all other religions are false. He started with the Catholic Church and then the Protestant Churches and the Methodist and so on. I asked him how he knew they are false. Without batting an eyelid, he replied, "They all celebrate Christmas. It's paganism!" He said quite triumphantly that Jesus was not born on 25th December. But I told him that what we do on that day doesn’t define us. Still he didn't relent and kept pushing the same point.  So I asked him this, "If an Indian celebrates Chinese New Year, does it make him a Chinese?" He squinted.
From there, he talked non-stop, missing all my sarcastic undertones peppered here and
 there with apologies of course (old habits die hard). He even invited me to a group fellowship and told me that I would be convinced after that. Ah! Inviting an incorrigible old fox to a young chicken coop! (arrogance duly renounced... sorry). At the end, he wanted to pray for me in public (near Bedok MRT) where the human traffic is the heaviest. I declined and walked away. As I walked away, I thought to myself, "If I should ever pray with him, it will just go something like this..." (not to be taken seriously of course)
"Dear God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit, in the absence of god the mother, I pray that you would open my eyes to false teachings. I invoke your Spirit of discernment to distinguish Truths from half-truths, your Word from man's word, and true prophets from false ones. Let your children not be misled by holier-than-thou preachers who hail from the east and proclaim themselves to be God or God-proxy and make incredulous claims that your divine "Facebook marital status" (for lack of a better description) has been changed from "single" to "married". You have said that in the last days there will be people claiming that they've come in your name but they are actually false prophets trying to mislead the sheep from you. And sadly, they are not without unwitting converts who believe everything they said hook, line and sinker. They would use your Word for their benefit and twist it
 so as to lend a veneer of credence to their questionable lifestyle and practices. So, I pray that although I walk through the valley of the shadow of confusion, deception and distortion, your word and staff are with me to guide me along the true and narrow road and away from the broadway of fancy exegesis, dizzy theology and empty hope. Amen and amen to the exacting divine trio of the Holy Trinity to the exclusion of the intermeddling god the mother." Cheerz.

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